Subject Area: Health Care & Health Education

1996 Federal Welfare Reform in North Carolina the Politics of Bureaucratic Behavior
 Dobelstein, Andrew W.
2002 0-7734-7267-3 112 pages
The implementation of welfare reform in North Carolina provided an excellent opportunity to explore theories of welfare reform implementation and theories of bureaucratic power. While welfare reform implementation proceeded smoothly in many states, the unique political climate in North Carolina forced a more transparent view of bureaucratic development and growing political independence. The political capacity of the bureaucracy to influence policy implementation contrary to legislative intent is often discussed but infrequently documented, and this work opens this subject for additional debate.

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors : England and Wales
 Martin, Edward A.
2010 0-7734-3687-1 532 pages
The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Pacific and the Antarctic
 Martin, Edward A.
2010 0-7734-3683-9 276 pages
The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors: Continental Europe
 Martin, Edward A.
2010 0-7734-3685-5 312 pages
The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors: Ireland
 Martin, Edward A.
2010 0-7734-3689-8 192 pages
The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors: Scotland
 Martin, Edward A.
2010 0-7734-3691-X 220 pages
The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.

A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors: The Americas and Canada
 Martin, Edward A.
2010 0-7734-3681-2 400 pages
The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.

A Documentary Description of Health, Medicine, Disease, and Crime in Late Nineteenth-Century America
 Schlup, Leonard
2009 0-7734-3830-0 644 pages
This book is an edited compilation of selected primary source documents (articles, reports, letters, court cases, speeches, newspaper accounts, governmental findings, and excerpts from memoirs and contemporary books) pertaining to health, medicine, medical education, disease, crime, and related areas in the United States from 1860 to the early years of the twentieth century. Due to early-twenty-first century interests in American health, diet, alcoholism, vaccinations, contagious diseases, and treatments, readers should find especially helpful an understanding of how an earlier generation of Americans coped with some of the same issues during a crucial period in the development of the foundations of modem America.

A Study of Poverty, Politics, Public Health and the Public Interest
 Roberts, Jonathan
2010 0-7734-3886-6 364 pages
This book is the first definitive, descriptive history of the Charity Hospital System of Louisiana, a story of how poverty, politics, public health, public interest, race, gender, and class, shaped the long history of one of the most storied public healthcare systems in the state and nation, to be published in a single volume. Over a period of more than 270 years, a total of ten charity hospitals were established in different venues of the state and evolved into one of the most celebrated public healthcare systems in the country.

A Review of the Literature on Obesity, Health Measurements, and the Food Industry: A Theological Commentary on Three Approaches to these Problems
 Browning, Peter D.
2018 1-4955-0707-6 160 pages
In this book, Dr. Browning joins the fat acceptance movement in condemning discrimination against people because of their body size. It draws from theological ethics to reject the charges of "gluttony" and "sloth" directed at people solely because of their weight and shape. It applies these vices to the food industry and its less-than-energetic concerns about the health of its customers.

A Foucauldian Analysis
 Daneski, Katharine
2010 0-7734-3659-6 308 pages
This book examines historiographical accounts of the cerebrovascular condition using a socio-historical approach influenced by the writings of Michel Foucault in an attempt to understand how stroke medicine has emerged in its current form.

Health, Wealth, and Social Life
 Heaton, Tim B.
2004 0-7734-6261-9 233 pages

Adolescent Anger Rating Scale: Its Initial Development and Validation
 Burney, DeAnna McKinnie
2008 0-7734-5076-9 256 pages
This work investigates and elucidates the etiological factors related to adolescent anger and aggression, the development of an anger rating scale to measure subcategories of anger, and the development of treatment plans geared toward decreasing the effects of violence due to the different types of anger experienced by adolescents.

Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Transition to Adulthood
 Smith, Mieko Kotake
1998 0-7734-8286-5 108 pages
This study presents findings of a longitudinal study of the transition to adulthood of high school students with severe emotional disabilities. The sample of this exploratory research included 41 students in the Severely Behaviorally Handicapped (SBH) program and the Transitional Adjustment Program (TAP) in public high schools and a comparison group of non-disabled students in the same community, a mid-sized county in Ohio. Data were collected through personal interviews of the students and their parents/guardians. Participants in the first-year cohort were followed for three years, and participants in the second-year cohort for two years. The report includes quantitative and qualitative findings concerning student and parent perspectives on contributions of school and family to the transition of youth to adulthood.

Advance Treatment Directives and Autonomy for Incompetent Patients: An International Comparative Survey of Law and Practice with Special Attention to the Netherlands
 Vezzoni, Cristiano
2008 0-7734-4980-9 276 pages
In the framework of an international comparative legal survey, this monograph makes available reliable information on the practice of advance treatment directive and their role in medical decision making. Using survey research and focusing on the Netherlands, this work offers on the topic empirical evidence, which was previously lacking, especially for European literature.

African Sleeping Sickness Political Ecology, Colonialism, and Control in Uganda
 Musere, Jonathan
1990 0-88946-280-1 224 pages
A multidisciplinary analysis of the origin and spread of sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis) in man and cattle in Uganda. Uniquely based on an interplay of bio-ecology, medicine, anthropology, history, and sociopolitics. Compares and contrasts the role of communalist traditional, colonial, and postcolonial agencies in the control or eruption of trypanosomiasis.

Afro-Christian Religion and Healing in Southern Africa
 Oosthuizen, G. C.
1989 0-88946-282-8 450 pages
Seeks an understanding of one result of the syncretism of Southern African Christianity, namely, the increasing evidence among African Christians of ancestor veneration, belief in possession by alien spirits, dance-induced trancing, and witch beliefs. ". . . the significance of this volume lies . . . in the fact that South African anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and theologians could talk with rather than at each other about pastoral theology and healing in the work of independent churches. . . . the volume will be used in graduate and research studies by students of anthropology, psychiatry, psychology, and religion." - Choice

Aging and Caregiving in Canada
 Clarke, Egerton
2001 0-7734-7297-5 196 pages
The author uses a unique combination of theoretical perspectives to explain what goes on when residents and professional as well as informal caregivers interact. The author also provides an informative discussion of the ethnic subjects of his research; these include Italian and Anglo-Saxon populations.

Aide-Tested Techniques to Improve Long-Term Resident Care
 Antoville, Anthony Jr.
2001 0-7734-7443-9 96 pages
This handbook focuses on the major and most common problems the author has witnessed as a health care provider. The book conveys in a concise, easy-to-read format workable solutions to the real problems CNAs face each day on every shift, as compared to the classroom approach given in most current training textbooks. It presents practical solutions for the issues of time management, quality control and public relations while maintaining a focus on best nursing practices. “This is a practical guidebook for certified nursing assistants presented with compassionate personal insights and a sense of purpose. What makes this book so special is that all tasks and issues are presented with an underlying ethic of care. Antoville’s book presents the CNA as a responsive and responsible professional. Each concise chapter offers practical suggestions from how to prevent pressure sores to keeping the peas and carrots off the bed covers. Antoville is always mindful that the CNA is part of an interdisciplinary team, appropriately referring the CNA to the charge nurse.” – Maria Bartlett, PhD “Mr. Antoville brings to his manuscript practical experience, sound theory and, most refreshingly, a way in which to combine the two. . . This volume does not forget that the patient’s family is an integral part of the health care team. He models respect, not only for the patient, but for the family as well. Mr. Antoville’s work bridges the chasm between the ivory tower and the real world. He provides both new and experienced nursing assistants with tips and tools to improve their practice.” – Jan Windz, PhD, RN

AIDS in Africa: The Social and Policy Impact
 Miller, Norman
1989 0-88946-187-2 376 pages
From the editor of the Global AIDS Bulletin, which is published by the African-Caribbean Institute. Noted contributors dispel myths and misconceptions about AIDS in Africa. Excellent resource for policymakers.

Aids, Dentristy, and the Illusion of Infection Control Questioning the Hiv Hypothesis
 Hardie, John
1995 0-7734-4234-0 300 pages
This controversial volume involves a study of the etiology, pathology, and epidemiology of AIDS, an understanding of the prevention of disease transmission from dental practice, and an examination of the efficacy of universal precautions in preventing the transmission of AIDS in dental practice. Among its controversial conclusions are: Dental treatment is not a route for the transmission of AIDS, and changes adopted by the dental profession in response to public or political pressure but which compromise the profession's scientific principles are unethical and unjustified.

Alcohol Abuse and Acculturation Among Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Sociological Study
 Diaz, Héctor Luis
2005 0-7734-6105-1 148 pages
This book details an exploratory research study that was conducted to examine the associations between acculturation, stress, alcohol consumption and other variables in a sample of 100 Puerto Rican alcohol users residing in the state of Massachusetts. The study relied on a cross sectional survey and a non probability sample. The data collected included acculturation scores, acculturation stress scores, data on the use of alcohol and other drugs, and demographic information. Comparisons were made among sample subjects based on gender, place of birth, acculturation levels, and educational levels.

No statistically significant differences were found among subjects in the low, partial and high acculturation categories in terms of their levels of acculturative stress, or their frequency and amount of alcohol consumption. Significant associations were found, however, between stress and alcohol and illegal drug use. Findings suggest that the associations between alcohol/drug use and stress were significantly stronger among female and United States-born subjects. Study findings also suggest differences between Puerto Rican and other Latino alcohol users in the United States. The main focus of this study was not to test hypotheses but to help generate hypotheses. For this reason, after exploring the associations between a number of variables, the book concludes by providing research ideas and by recommending 12 hypotheses to be tested in future research.

Alcohol Problems and Minority Youth
 Wright, Roosevelt
1989 0-88946-297-6 213 pages
Analyzes alcohol use/abuse, alcoholism prevention, and alcoholism treatment among black, Hispanic, and Amerindian youth in the United States.

Alcoholism Treatment for Impaired Drivers an Evaluation
 Whitehead, Paul C.
1990 0-88946-284-4 150 pages
Relates the specific program being evaluated to the existing literature, using a strong research design involving individually matched samples. Particularly relevant because of the increased emphasis given today to the idea that an option for "curative treatment" should be provided to impaired drivers.

An Annotated Bibliography on Leprosy
 Wood, Corinne Shear
1997 0-7734-8441-8 208 pages
Works referenced represent a panoramic view of human leprosy and its special place in human history, culturally, sociologically, psychologically, and medically.

An Ethnographic Study of the Role of Humor in Health Care Transactions
 Lippert, Lance R.
2005 0-7734-6247-3 224 pages
This book examines conversational humor in communicative exchanges during the health care transaction. Our focus is on interactive humor at a specific cultural site as it actually occurs. This study is based on the assumption that the participants at this site routinely engage in some form of humor exchange during interpersonal communication in health care transactions. Given the prevalence of humor use in the health setting, as well as the lack of attention devoted to this important phenomenon in the extant literature, this study set out to explore two fundamental questions. The first question that must be addressed is: If the participants (nurse and resident) in a long term care relationship construct conversational humor or participate in humor exchanges, what are the humorous exchanges accomplishing? What functions do they serve? The second question deals with the humor strategies and their organization by the participants: How are the humor exchanges being accomplished? In other words, what humor strategies and communicative behaviors do the participants apply during health care transactions?

Nursing homes operate as homes for millions in this country's aging population. Because nursing homes more often call for prolonged care rather than a cure, interpersonal communication is even more crucial to this care giving context. Humor use is one way the participants in this study interpersonally confronted the rigors of old age and institutional care. The humor exchanges enhance the communicative climate and multiply the chances for quality care outcomes. This book sheds new light on the role of humor in long term care facilities and offers educators, practitioners, and researchers a powerful tool for better understanding communication in this context.

Questions of Law, Morality and Ethics within Contemporary Society
 Ost, Suzanne
2003 0-7734-6613-4 366 pages
This work provides a close examination of the definitional issues surrounding euthanasia, and analyses euthanasia as a ‘living phenomenon’ which can be best understood by reflecting upon subjective understandings of the subject and individuals’ lived experiences of their medical conditions and treatment. The work addresses not only the law surrounding voluntary active euthanasia, but also the withdrawal of treatment from incapacitated patients, the refusal of treatment by competent patients, and the subject of advance directives. Additionally the work takes a comparative approach to euthanasia laws in the Netherlands and Australia in order to illustrate the differing legal and ethical positions that exist. The work includes a small empirical study which takes forward some of the central issues by placing them in the contextual setting provided by members of the medical profession, hospice staff, general public, and voluntary and anti-euthanasia society members.

Assessment Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities
 Taylor, George R.
2002 0-7734-7102-2 292 pages

Autism, Adhd, and Anorexia Nervosa
 Hosin, Amer
2007 0-7734-5163-3 128 pages
This book examines three of the most important childhood mental disorders – autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anorexia nervosa. The author provides comprehensive coverage and evidence-based research findings that will inform both practitioners working in these areas and scholars of various backgrounds.

Behavioral Treatments for Asthma Biofeedback-, Respondent-, and Relaxation-Based Approaches
 Sarafino, Edward P.
1997 0-7734-8591-0 100 pages
This monograph will serve as an important reference work for researchers, practitioners, and students. It provides a review of virtually all multi-subject, controlled studies previously published; gives definitions and details regarding methodology to make the material accessible to readers who may not be familiar with asthma characteristics, research techniques, and behavioral methods; describes each study of treatment effectiveness so that readers can see important methodological or statistical differences; includes material on recently developed relevant theories, such as those involving the vagus neural pathway in the regulation of asthma attacks; and a major section refers back to details of the studies in presenting issues to consider in interpreting past studies, designing future research, and applying behavioral techniques with asthma patients.

Bibliography of Recent Works on Home Health Care
 Mullner, Ross
2000 0-7734-7763-2 200 pages
This volume identifies over 500 major articles and books published during the decade of the 90s. Main chapters include: General Sources; Licensing, Accrediting and Credentialing; Administration and Management Characteristics; Access, Geographic Variations, and Referrals; Patient and Disease Characteristics; Case and Disease Management; Quality and Outcomes of Care; Economics, Financing, and Managed Care; Laws, Regulations, and Ethics; Care Providers and Personnel Issues; Home Medical Equipment and Technology; Infection Control; Nutrition; Policy Issues and Trends; Other. An author index and key work index are included.

A Guide to Using Books in Clinical Practice
 Pardeck, John T.
1992 0-7734-1954-3 168 pages
Bibliotherapy is a useful approach for helping individuals deal with social, psychological, and developmental problems. This book contains a collection of papers that show ways of implementing bibliotherapy for complex psychological problems, as well as helping children and adults deal with basic developmental needs.

Biomedical Ethics in Canada
 Williams, John R.
1986 0-88946-149-X 194 pages
Attempts to set forth as accurate a picture as possible of the present state of biomedical ethics in Canada, along with recommendations as to how it can be improved. Also shows how far the goal is of expanding the field of biomedical ethics so as to provide major improvements in the quality of health care in Canada.

Body-Mind-Spirit Links to Healthy Aging
 Beeson, Lillian L.
2002 0-7734-7152-9 164 pages
This is a practical guide to wellness promotion among the elderly. Combining their considerable expertise in gerontology, communication, education, drug behavior, and developmental psychology, the book covers a wide array of topics and synthesizes and impressive number of professional disciplines and resource materials. Throughout the work, the authors present ideas first popularized in studies of aging by Bernice Neugarten and Robert Havighurst and apply those ideas to the health and well-being of elders in American society.

Cancer Epidemic Shadow of the Conquest of Nature
 Booth, Gotthard
1979 0-88946-625-4 277 pages
The wide publicity given to statistical surveys of cigarette and other tobacco habits in terms of an etiological factor in lung cancer has relegated to the background many other possible components, particularly in the sphere of personality and emotional constellations. This work presents Gotthard Booth's studies of persons who developed cancer, with observations and an experimental approach, the results of which are given in categories of Rorschach responses in order to gain information about the subjects' personalities in terms of intellectual function, emotional control, present content, mental conflicts, creative imagination, and fundamental instinctive drives. From these studies and from the known aspects of the cancer situation the author suggests that cancer is an expression of the personality type. Rich in new ideas with a wealth of informative material to be considered in practical applications, not only in the field of psychopathology but also in general medicine.

Cancer Epidemic. Shadow of the Conquest of Nature
 Booth, Gotthard
1979 0-88946-625-4 277 pages
The wide publicity given to statistical surveys of cigarette and other tobacco habits in terms of an etiological factor in lung cancer has relegated to the background many other possible components, particularly in the sphere of personality and emotional constellations. This work presents Gotthard Booth's studies of persons who developed cancer, with observations and an experimental approach, the results of which are given in categories of Rorschach responses in order to gain information about the subjects' personalities in terms of intellectual function, emotional control, present content, mental conflicts, creative imagination, and fundamental instinctive drives. From these studies and from the known aspects of the cancer situation the author suggests that cancer is an expression of the personality type. Rich in new ideas with a wealth of informative material to be considered in practical applications, not only in the field of psychopathology but also in general medicine.

Child and Coronary Heart Disease
 Davies, Hywel
2006 0-7734-5702-X 352 pages
This book addresses the causes of coronary arterial disease. The inception of the intimal plaque is characterized essentially as the undue proliferation, for any of a number of reasons, of intimal cells, influenced by not only by genetic factors but by mitogens from the environment. There is little evidence of the participation of lipids during the initial stages, though this occurs later to varying degree.

There is good evidence that lesions may appear in the coronary arteries of infants and children, even to the point at times of calcium deposition in ‘normal’ subjects at birth. This, it is averred, points to the involvement of calcifying factors in the environment, notably Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. The central role played by intracellular and extracellular calcium is considered, particularly from the standpoint of their perturbation from environmental causes including infant feeding and chemical pollution.

The part played by calciphylaxis, in its original and derived meanings, is looked at with reference not only to end-stage renal disease but across a wider spectrum. The hazards of an environment replete with calcium, phosphorus and steroids are emphasized, while lipids are seen as having mainly an adjunctive rather than a causative influence on the evolution of coronary disease.

The current enthusiasm for increasing the intake of Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus in the face of environmental surfeit is questioned as being in the best interests of public health.

Classroom Lectures on Human Viral Diseases Presented at the City University of New York. An Explanation of Basic Principles
 Zaitsev, Igor V
2013 0-7734-4328-2 216 pages
This college level instructional aid is a concise yet comprehensible review of human viral diseases specifically designed for beginning microbiology instructors and their students. It presents pathogens initially with respect to their biological identity and as an alternative to their presentation in many college textbooks as pathogens of the human organ systems. The material is up-to-date in advances in the science of microbiology.

Clinical Psychology in Ireland Vol. 1: Empirical Studies of Professional Practice
 Carr, Alan
2000 0-7734-7831-0 256 pages
Clinical Psychology in Ireland is a series of books edited by Alan Carr, PhD, from the Department of Psychology at University College Dublin. Volumes within the series focus predominantly of empirical research conducted by clinical psychologists within an Irish context along with some papers on theory and practice. The first volume in the series is concerned with empirical studies of professional practice and includes surveys of the work practices, roles and stresses of Irish clinical psychologists. The second volume is a collection of empirical studies of problems and treatment processes in adult populations with psychological difficulties. Empirical studies of problems and treatment process in the field of child and adolescent mental health is the central theme of the third volume in this series. The fourth volume contains accounts of theory, practice and research in the family therapy written by Irish psychologists who have specialized in this particular therapeutic approach. Future volumes in the series will focus on these and other themes including child protection, juvenile offending and the prevention of childhood psychological problems. This book (Volume 1) is a landmark in the history of clinical psychology in Ireland. For the first time, it provides data on the roles of clinical psychologists, the stresses they face at work, and their involvement in complex systems such as child protection. I have no doubt that it will become a standard reference work. Michael Timms, PhD, Senior Clinical Psychologist, National Rehabilitation Board, Dublin, Ireland.

Clinical Psychology in Ireland Volume Four: Family Therapy Theory, Practice and Research
 Carr, Alan
2001 0-7734-7343-2 212 pages
Clinical Psychology in Ireland is a series of books edited by Alan Carr, PhD, from the Department of Psychology at University College Dublin. Volumes within the series focus predominantly of empirical research conducted by clinical psychologists within an Irish context along with some papers on theory and practice. The first volume in the series is concerned with empirical studies of professional practice and includes surveys of the work practices, roles and stresses of Irish clinical psychologists. The second volume is a collection of empirical studies of problems and treatment processes in adult populations with psychological difficulties. Empirical studies of problems and treatment process in the field of child and adolescent mental health is the central theme of the third volume in this series. The fourth volume contains accounts of theory, practice and research in the family therapy written by Irish psychologists who have specialized in this particular therapeutic approach. Future volumes in the series will focus on these and other themes including child protection, juvenile offending and the prevention of childhood psychological problems.

Clinical Psychology in Ireland Volume Three: Empirical Studies of Problems and Treatment Processes in Children and Adolescents
 Carr, Alan
2001 0-7734-7341-6 212 pages
Clinical Psychology in Ireland is a series of books edited by Alan Carr, PhD, from the Department of Psychology at University College Dublin. Volumes within the series focus predominantly of empirical research conducted by clinical psychologists within an Irish context along with some papers on theory and practice. The first volume in the series is concerned with empirical studies of professional practice and includes surveys of the work practices, roles and stresses of Irish clinical psychologists. The second volume is a collection of empirical studies of problems and treatment processes in adult populations with psychological difficulties. Empirical studies of problems and treatment process in the field of child and adolescent mental health is the central theme of the third volume in this series. The fourth volume contains accounts of theory, practice and research in the family therapy written by Irish psychologists who have specialized in this particular therapeutic approach. Future volumes in the series will focus on these and other themes including child protection, juvenile offending and the prevention of childhood psychological problems. Volume 3 of Clinical Psychology in Ireland needs little introduction. Alan Carr and his co-authors, seasoned clinicians and researchers in the field of clinical child psychology, provide an exemplar for those who are responding to the present-day demand for evidence-led policy and treatment decisions. Volume 3 in this series complements its volume 1 and 2 predecessors by adding clinical child work to their contributions on adult mental health work and accounts of the professional practice of Irish psychologists. Taken together these impressive papers convey a clear message that clinical psychology research and practice is alive and very well,indeed, in Ireland. Emeritus Professor Martin Herbert, former Director of Clinical Psychology Training at Exeter University.

Clinical Psychology in Ireland, Volume Two: Empirical Studies of Problems and Treatment Processes in Adults
 Carr, Alan
2001 0-7734-7339-4 208 pages
Clinical Psychology in Ireland is a series of books edited by Alan Carr, PhD, from the Department of Psychology at University College Dublin. Volumes within the series focus predominantly of empirical research conducted by clinical psychologists within an Irish context along with some papers on theory and practice. The first volume in the series is concerned with empirical studies of professional practice and includes surveys of the work practices, roles and stresses of Irish clinical psychologists. The second volume is a collection of empirical studies of problems and treatment processes in adult populations with psychological difficulties. Empirical studies of problems and treatment process in the field of child and adolescent mental health is the central theme of the third volume in this series. The fourth volume contains accounts of theory, practice and research in the family therapy written by Irish psychologists who have specialized in this particular therapeutic approach. Future volumes in the series will focus on these and other themes including child protection, juvenile offending and the prevention of childhood psychological problems. This ensemble (Volume 2) represents the very best of traditions in clinical psychology: That of the experimental investigation of psychological problems and explanatory theories which underpin them. This is the scientist-practitioner approach in action. This collection of reviews and empirical studies will be of use to all practicing adult mental health professionals. It will be of particular value to trainee clinical psychologists and other mental health practitioners in training. In the present era of evidence-based practice, what better bed-time reading? Bon appetit! Professor Michael Wang, Director of clinical psychology training, University of Hull.

Community Based Rehabilitation in Botswana the Myth of the Hidden Disabled
 Ingstad, Benedicte
1997 0-7734-8624-0 392 pages
The Community-Based Rehabilitation program (CBR) was developed by WHO, with the initial idea that it should be linked to already-existing infrastructures. The program was field-tested in several countries. This book is based on fieldwork done in Botswana in 1981-84 and is the only monograph based on an intensive study of the implementation and functioning of the CBR program. As such, the volume is a groundbreaker in the fields of social/community medicine and rehabilitation. It will also be of great interest to those in the growing field of Medical Anthropology. The author is the co-editor of Disability and Culture, a collection of articles recently published by the University of California Press.

Community in African Primary Health Care Strengthening Participation and a Proposed Strategy
 Good, Charles M.
1988 0-88946-138-4 175 pages
Reviews current experiences in primary health care in Africa, with specific references to key factors that influence the nature, extent, and outcome of community participation.

Consciousness, Free Will, and the Explanation of Human Behavior
 Wilton, Richard
2000 0-7734-7682-2 292 pages
This book describes a theory of human behavior in which consciousness plays a role in the production of behavior. The assumption that behaviour is to be explained solely by reference to causal process is rejected, and, instead, it is supposed that human beings adaptively exercise free will. This supposition is articulated using a number of novel concepts, which play a critical role in accounting for consciousness. Additional implications of the theory, concerning intentionality and the occurrence of affect are explored, and it is suggested that the theory ties these and consciousness together.

Contemporary Issues in Paediatric Ethics
 Burgess, Michael MacDonald
1991 0-7734-9673-4 124 pages
This collection of essays by a group of international scholars focuses on specific issues in bioethics and paediatrics. Reflects interdisciplinary approaches to practical problems at the level of policy and practice. Includes essays on the issues of: withholding life-sustaining treatment from children, the societal expense of innovative lifesaving treatments, the rights of mature minors, the notion of non-treatment as blame-worthy neglect, and the responsibility of professionals in bioethics and paediatrics to continue to converse thoughtfully and faithfully on these issues.

Coping with Severe Mental Illness: Families Speak Out
 Mermier, Martha Brinton
1993 0-7734-9285-2 212 pages
This book describes the overwhelming problems families face in dealing with their relatives who suffer from psychiatric disorders. The majority of the text consists of direct anonymous quotations from a questionnaire mailed to families of hospitalized patients as well as results from interviews done in the course of the author's employment as a clinical social worker in a state hospital. There is an examination of the period when the illness first appears, and the difficulties of finding appropriate treatment and handling the patient's resistance to care are addressed in detail. It gives insight into the problems of daily living -- handling money, interpersonal relationships, marriage and work. It also examines the more unique aspects of psychiatric disorders, such as suicide, aggressive behavior, and frequent substance abuse.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories and Issues (volume 1, Third Edition)
 Ard, Ben
1993 0-7734-9932-6 274 pages

Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories and Issues (volume 2, Third Edition)
 Ard, Ben
1993 0-7734-9934-2 248 pages
Volume One presents a broad range of theoretical positions on psychological counselling. Considers a variety of different theories (non-psychiatric and non-medical) of psychological counselling in the writings of the originators of those theories. Volume Two presents papers on a number of the important issues in psychological counselling. Topics include the appropriate relationship between counselling and classroom teaching, the meeting of psychological data and human values, and ethics in counselling. Supplemented by appendices, bibliography, name index, and subject index.

Counseling Diverse Client Groups an International Perspective on Human Social Functioning
 Rodway, Margaret R.
1989 0-88946-139-2 350 pages
Attempts to bring together the spectrum of the varied practice applications of human social functioning in a form of ready assistance to professionals. Provides theoretical and philosophical foundations and practice applications.

Critical Study of the American Nursing Home - The Final Solution
 Adler, Ursula
1991 0-88946-383-2 242 pages
An examination of the American nursing home with case histories of patients and staff, showing ways in which this essential health care facility can be improved to meet the needs of the residents. Through case studies the author raises questions regarding issues such as: power exercised by nursing home patients, Health Department scrutiny of nursing homes, ethics and licensing for administrators, the unappreciated and heavy loads for social workers, and the psychological impact of living in a nursing home on the elderly.

Cross Cultural Exploration of Wife Abuse Problems and Prospects
 Sev'er, Aysan
1997 0-7734-8517-1 272 pages
New articles by internationally-known scholars in the area of interpersonal violence. The work and orientation are truly interdisciplinary, ranging from anthropology, psychology, women's studies to public policy and sociology. The articles explore both methodological and theoretical issues on wife abuse, shed light on existing debates in the field, often raising new and intriguing questions.

Designing a Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program
 Crow, Thomas
2006 0-7734-5955-3 144 pages
Pregnancy rates among teenagers in the United States are substantially higher than among teenagers in other developed countries. This occurs because U.S. teenagers use contraception less than their counterparts in other countries. Over the last quarter-century, programs developed to encourage American teenagers to use contraception have been very limited in their effectiveness.

Devastating Impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Health and Education
 Duhon-Sells, Rose M.
2007 0-7734-5426-8 216 pages
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a group of Southern University at New Orleans administrators, faculty and staff provided counseling for the children at Sophie B. Wright Middle School. Many of these children and their families could not evacuate for the hurricane and endured the horror at the Superdome and the local, state and national neglect. This book tells their stories. Gathering together leading experts to examine the lessons that Hurricane Katrina teaches us about better assessing, perceiving, and managing risks as well as dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, this book provides insight into the effects of such disasters on the daily lives of the individuals who live through them.

Development of an Autobiographical Group Work Process for Use with Oriented Nursing Home Residents
 Hay, Phyllis A.
2002 0-7734-7053-0 196 pages
This research specifically focused on the need for nursing home residents to be mentally stimulated and involved in helping develop a group work process, which gave them the opportunity to write about themselves, and talk about themselves in group settings. Consequently, when quantitatively evaluated, self-esteem scores increased. Other scholars, and especially those involved with geriatrics, need to know about the group work process and findings associated with this scholarly research.

Developmental Analysis of Cuba’s Health Care System Since 1959
 MacDonald, Théodore H.
1999 0-7734-8049-8 402 pages
This book deals with the development of Cuba's elaborate health care system and critically analyses various aspects of it. It is a compendium of clinical and social information in that regard and, in particular, focuses on the impact of the US Trade Embargo and the Helms Burton Act on the continued viability of the enterprise. In this account, the medical reader will find a huge amount of relevant and difficult to obtain epidemiological and clinical data. The study discusses current areas of Cuban research as well as the historical context. The book is also readily accessible to the non-medical reader, so that social scientists, educationists and others can fruitfully use it.

Deviant Nurses and Improper Patient Care
 Falk, Ursula A.
2006 0-7734-5967-7 200 pages
Describes that segment of the nursing profession who deviate from the expectations of the public in the performance of their duties. The concept of “cognitive dissonance” is explored in connection with male nurses but fits the entire study here because the very word “nurse” implies a concern for the sick and needy, which some nurses negate by their actions.

Disease and Its Impact on Modern European History
 Knapp, Vincent J.
1989 0-88946-135-X 381 pages
A study of the outbreak of seven major diseases _ plague, syphilis, smallpox, typhus, cholera, tuberculosis, and influenza _ on the European continent, as well as the social and philosophical impact of these diseases.

Displaced Children in Crisis - Our Enabling System for High Risk Behavior
 England, Richard
2001 0-7734-7420-X 128 pages
This text provides an overview of issues associated with the needs of children who are displaced in society. An opening discussion of the importance of attachment serving as the basis for a child’s development, the remainder of the text considers the elements of a social service system that frequently hinders planning for the ‘best interest of the child.’ Throughout the text are brief case studies, taken from actual cases, which provide insights into the frustrations facing the children, caregivers, social service workers, and educators as they attempt to meet the needs of children. The text also serves as a commentary on existing social systems, while providing supplemental material for study in education, special education, social services, and other related fields.

Drug and Alcohol Consumption as Functions of Social Structures. A Cross-Cultural Sociology
 Hawdon, James E.
2005 0-7734-6187-6 436 pages
Uses classical sociological theory to demonstrate how the processes of rationalization and modernization have altered why, how, and how frequently people consume drugs. As cultural and structural changes increase heterogeneity and individuation, social controls over drug use weaken. Drug use therefore becomes increasingly widespread among the general population, a greater variety of drugs are used, drugs are used more frequently and drugs are used more for individualistic and profane reasons as opposed to communal and sacred reasons. In addition, the theory explains the variations in rates of drug use over time in the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Israel, and the former Soviet Republics. Finally, the theory explains the evolution of the drug subculture in the United States since 1940s.

Ecological Perspective in Family-Centered Therapy
 Rodway, Margaret R.
1993 0-7734-9362-X 364 pages
This book presents a combination of salient theoretical concepts, with closely related examples of practice themes in family health services. A major emphasis is its focus on family strengths and how these can be utilized. From an ecological perspective, this text emphasizes the uses of a multi-resource base. Eleven chapters provide a wide array of options for strategies of change. The flexibility and creativity of alternate routes to family change are a unique characteristic of this text. The presentation of a number of interventions with families from an ecological perspective is of interest to educators, professionals, and students involved in the teaching and practice of family therapy offered by departments including nursing, psychiatry, psychology, and social work.

Economic Injustice of Maternal Mortality. A Feminist Ethical Analysis
 Jones, Eileen Kerwin
2008 0-7734-4792-X 328 pages
This work is a response to the lack of theological reflection on the qualitatively different poverty endured by women, a concrete manifestation of which is maternal mortality. This work argues that the failure of liberation theology to attend adequately to the poverty of women compromises its commitment to solidarity with the oppressed.

Educational Philosophy of Abraham Flexner
 Zelenka, Marc H.
2008 0-7734-5184-6 196 pages
This study elucidates the educational thought of Abraham Flexner, investigating the application and efficacy of his thought in the development of medical education, and determining his contemporary relevance. The author, in the spirit of the 1910 Flexner Report, seeks to yield information central to both curriculum and ethical definition in medicine.

Effects of Clinical Nursing Specialization a Controlled Organizational Experiment
 Georgopoulos, Basil S.
1991 0-88946-271-2 613 pages
The only work in the health-services field with hard data and definitive results about the effects of clinical nursing specialization on the quality and costs of care, nurse-physician relations in the hospital system, and hospital nursing effectiveness. Methodologically presents a major and successful experiment in the social sciences: a controlled organizational experiment using multiple methods of measurement (qualitative and quantitative) and real patient units. Simultaneously studies the clinical nurse specialist role in the hospital setting.

Ethical Dilemmas in Modern Medicine. A Physician's Viewpoint
 Loewy, Erich H.
1986 0-88946-133-3 352 pages
A series of essays, written by a practicing physician, on a wide variety of topics in medical ethics: clinical uncertainty; moral pluralism; paternalism; AIDS; organ procurement; physicians' involvement in executions; abortion; age as a factor in medical decision-making; sustaining life in a permanently acognitive patient; dementia; disagreement among patient, family, and physician; withholding nutritional support for the hopelessly ill; and the matter of who decides to write a DNR (do not resuscitate) order.

Ethical Standards and Professional Credentials in the Practice of Exercise Physiology
 Boone, Tommy
2007 0-7734-5245-1 432 pages
This is a book about ethics and professionalism in the practice of exercise physiology. Implications of unprofessional behavior are discussed, how to anticipate legal issues, and the future career expectations of exercise physiologists in healthcare. The author shares a academic vision for the future that requires serious analysis and decision-making on behalf of all exercise physiologists.

Ethnography of an Adult Bookstore. Private Scenes, Public Places
 Stein, Michael
1990 0-88946-629-7 144 pages
Makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the pornographic phenomenon by presenting the results of the three-year sociological study into the structure of one of the locations. Uses existing evidence and participatory observations, contents, clients, and social norms operative in a pornographic store in a mid-sized American city. Removes some of the mystique surrounding this socially "illicit" activity.

Ethnography of Crystal and Spiritual Healers in Northern England
 McClean, Stuart
2006 0-7734-5667-8 284 pages
This book fills a notable gap in the burgeoning literature on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in Western societies. Despite the increased focus on CAM in the social and health sciences, scant attention has been given over to exploring the rise of therapies on the extreme fringe of complementary medicine, such as ‘crystal’ and ‘spiritual healing.’ This book re-dresses the balance and presents an ethnographic picture that takes into account more ‘marginal’ therapeutic modalities in the UK, although, more importantly, this book shows how the study of the marginal gives way to particular insights about the mainstream, such as orthodox biomedicine. Primarily, the book explores the use and practice of ‘esoteric’ healing practices in a Centre for healing in Northern England, and what they represent in the context of the changing role, status, and legitimacy of complementary medicine in the UK and Western societies more generally.

Conventional socio-scientific wisdom suggests that esoteric healing is counter-cultural, in that its emergence is illustrative of ‘New Age’ ideology. The author argues, contrary to this position, that in healing there is a tension. There is a tension between the personalization that healing practices exhibit, and the striving for orthodoxy, both with the Centre itself, and also among the wider healing community. Thus, even apparently esoteric forms of complementary medicine are influenced by the language of science and medicine. This book highlights examples of this mimicry of medicine, and points to a range of explanations for this contemporary social phenomenon. In particular, this book throws into question the conventional biomedicine/CAM boundary and offers some insight into the common metaphorical basis of medicine and healing, and the continued social and cultural influence of biomedicine in Western societies. The book makes a key contribution to the social and health sciences body of knowledge on CAM by exploring its resurgence in the context of wider debates on modernity and postmodernity.

Evolutionary Epidemiology of Mania and Depression
 Wilson, Daniel R.
2008 0-7734-5209-5 412 pages
This book lays the essential groundwork for the sub-discipline of evolutionary epidemiology as a theoretical and empirical science. The authors present an elaborate yet elegant model of neuromental evolution that not only moves evolutionary psychology beyond its present inattention to either brains or genes but also operationally defines the normal limits of human sociality.

Exercise Physiology as a Career
 Boone, Tommy
2006 0-7734-5629-5 240 pages
This book is designed to be a guide and sourcebook for persons considering exercise physiology as a career. This handbook contains 20 chapters, divided into five parts: (1) Introduction; (2) Exercise Physiology; (3) Professionalism; (4) Healthcare Professionals; and (5) The Exercise Physiology Niche. The book contains a wealth of information on the various aspects of the field, including helpful definitions of exercise physiology, what courses one should take in high school, which colleges and universities offer specialized programs in exercise physiology and the specific courses required, the kinds of employment opportunities in the field, how to look for a job, the salary range, the accrediting process, and much more. First-person comments by graduates from The College of St. Scholastica, who shared their professional experiences following graduation, provide a valuable viewpoint.

Exercise Physiology: Professional Issues, Organizational Concerns, and Ethical Trends
 Boone, Tommy
2005 0-7734-6077-2 372 pages
This book describes the founding and importance of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP). It explores the professional issues, organizational concerns, and ethical trends that all exercise physiologists face. A significant purpose of this study is to continue the changes in exercise physiology and the expected professional results for decades to come. This book also emphasizes the work of the ASEP leadership in creating the professional infrastructure for exercise physiology.

Projecting the Demographic Future
 Mturi, Akim J.
2015 0-7734-4270-7 478 pages
This must read edited collection of research on African demography is relevant to a broad spectrum of readers including scholars, researchers, professionals, population scientists, sociologists, human geographers and others interested in Africa. It aids in developing an understanding of the contemporary diversity in African reproductive regimes and helps build capacity among scientists and researchers in fertility research.

Exploring Neglected Dimensions of Religion in Quality of Life Research
 Poloma, Margaret M.
1991 0-7734-9672-6 226 pages
Based on analysis of 560 telephone interviews with randomly selected adults from the Akron, OH area, the results of this survey clearly demonstrate the importance of religion in accounting for the differences in quality of life, and the need to include multiple religiosity measures in assessing the impact of religion on well-being.

Family Dynamics for Physicians Guidelines to Assessment and Treatment
 Sawa, Russell
1985 0-88946-129-5 344 pages
An analysis of the way that the social dynamics of the family affects the health and/or illness of its members. Deals with several specific parameters and provides a diagnostic instrument for use by physicians and other members of the healing professions.

Family Support Act of 1988 a Case Study of Welfare Policy in the 1980s
 Deprez, Luisa S.
2002 0-7734-7226-6 264 pages
This study makes in important contribution to understanding the politics of policy-making by exploring the relationship between political ideology, public opinion, and social welfare policy. It investigates this linkage through a case study of the Family Support Act of 1988. Findings are based on analysis of Congressional hearings and debates, news media editorials and commentaries (over three years), Congressional interviews, and documentary evidence obtained from the private legislative files of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the legislative sponsor. The latter, exclusive access to the files, provides the study with a unique perspective: it enables a ‘policy story’ to be told using ‘insiders’ information. Prevailing notions about poverty, dependency and welfare, and the role of government are examined and placed within in a theoretical framework grounded in individualistic and structuralist perspectives. “. . . argues that, trapped within an intensifying individualistic discourse which blamed women’s attitudinal and behavioral deficiencies for poverty, the Family Support Act of 1988 necessarily failed to address the structural sources of female-headed family poverty and set the tone for the even more punitive and coercive Personal Responsibility Act of 1996. This book connects a history of social welfare ideas in the 1980s to a micro-analysis of the legislative process, showing how ideas are embodied in legislation. . . . Deprez shows in meticulous detail how these ideas turned up in editorials, opinion columns, and congressional hearings.” – Peggy Kahn

First Decade of Life Volume 1. Birth to Age Five: Development in the Preschool Years
 Jordan, Thomas E.
1997 0-7734-8702-6 276 pages
The two volumes of this publication attempt to explain by multivariate analysis how selected factors influence the course of growth in an expanding set of behavioral domains. The explanatory power of the variables in four models varies considerably; some areas of child growth emerge as powerfully influenced by mutable circumstance, while others remain enigmatic. The research program described here has been paralleled in recent decades by others as prospective longitudinal study has returned to fashion.

A reprint, with a new introduction, of the author's Development in the Preschool Years with a new Foreword. A thorough longitudinal study, this volume describes and analyzes the psychological, social, and educational development of some 1000 children in the St. Louis area. Using biological, social, family, and maternal information, the author examines the physical, motor intellectual, linguistic, and social development. Sample includes black and white children, both inner-city and suburban, ranging in background from poor to wealthy. Originally published in 1980.

From the base reported in Volume I, the data of this work extend the sequence of events in several domains to age ten years. The predictors series consists of four arrays of variables from the early phases of child development. The earliest predictors were identified in the delivery room, and others were added in the preschool years. Here, the same children are studied from age five to ten, and the set of variables arrayed as potential influences in the same four models continues from the preschool period, with a few modifications.

Food and Eating Experiences of Older Women in a Retirement Community
 Curch, Lisa
2005 0-7734-5920-0 300 pages
Explores how social milieu influences the development and progression of dietary behavior throughout life, the potential of life course transitions to modify dietary behavior, and how a retirement community environment shapes current dietary behavior. Four levels of influence on dietary behavior were identified: 1) personal factors; 2) interpersonal relationships and social interaction; 3) social roles and statuses; and 4) contexts, particularly environmental, community policy, and political economic contexts. Analysis additionally revealed four major food-related themes in the lives of the women: dietary morality, dietary wellness, dietary sociability and dietary duty. Interpretation of the findings contributed to the development of a theoretical model.

 Butzel, Henry M.
1986 0-88946-134-1 802 pages
Study of how the field of genetics has influenced legal thinking and judicial decisions in the United States, what legal problems can arise in dealing with advances in the science of genetics, and how the courts come to accept or reject new findings in that science.

Geography of Naturopathic Physicians in the United States
 Butar Butar, Ferry Butar
2006 0-7734-5941-3 116 pages
This book is the first in-depth geographic treatment of naturopathic physicians in the United States. It consists of seven articles that have previously been published in scholarly journals read primarily by a narrow group of specialists. The articles have been published together in this format to give them a wide availability and to provide a more comprehensive overview.

Healing in Religion and Society, From Hippocrates to the Puritans
 Coyle, J. Kevin
1999 0-7734-8145-1 212 pages

The Evolution and Diversification of Bibliotherapy
 Tukhareli, Natalia
2014 0-7734-0061-3 228 pages
An excellent resource into the emerging field of bibliotherapy, which is the intentional use of the therapeutic potential of literature in a variety of clinical and creative schemes. The book advances a simple, accessible, and cost-effective way of addressing a variety of physical, emotional, psychological and social issues by revealing how bibliotherapy helps people restore meaningful connections with themselves, with others, and with the world around them in times of difficult transitions and physical, psychological, emotional and social challenges.

Health and Disease in the Holy Land Studies in the History and Sociology of Medicine From Ancient Times to the Present
 Waserman, Manfred
1996 0-7734-8764-6 500 pages
Chapters include: Paleopathology in the Middle East; Hygiene and Health Care in the Bible; Public Health in the Holy Land - Classical Influence and its Legacy; Health and Healing in Medieval Muslim Palestine; Disease to Death during the Crusades; Medicine in the Crusaders' Kingdom of Jerusalem; Pilgrims, Crusades and Plagues; Ottoman Palestine (1516-1800) - Health, Disease and Historical Sources; Sir Moses Montefiore and Medical Philanthropy in the Holy Land; Hospitals and European Colonial Policies in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries; Henrietta Szold - American Progressivism, Zionism and Modern Public Health; British Public Health Policy in Palestine, 1918-1947; Kupat Holim and Jewish Health Services during the Mandate; The Hadassah Medical Organization - Critical Years, 1928-1959 - Oral History Interviews with Dr. Eli Davis; The Conquest of Malaria; Judea-Samaria and Gaza - 25 Years of Changing Health, 1967-1992; Health and Disease in Israel, 1948-1994

Health Concerns of Hispanics in New York City
 Lindenthal, Jacob J.
1991 0-7734-9852-4 256 pages
The text examines the morbidity and mortality patterns of Hispanics in New York City, the most rapidly expanding group in the United States. In analyzing the health data from government sources and recent research findings, the authors illustrate the cultural values and health status of this population and how they differ from the other minorities and the general population. Because this group is at high risk for certain maladies, particular attention is paid to asthma, alcohol ingestion, perinatal conditions, AIDS, and drug abuse. The authors also provide suggestions for preventive strategies and more research. Though scholarly in intent, the book is written in laymen's terms and contains a glossary of medical terms employed in the volume.

Health-Seeking Behavior in Ethnic Populations
 Gibbs, Tyson
2007 0-7734-5842-5 276 pages
Presents articles that explore help-seeking behavior within various social and cultural contexts. Critical to this book is the bridging of two concepts that have traditionally appeared in disparate places within the published health arena, i.e., ethnicity and health-seeking behavior. This book brings these concepts together to emphasize their impact on understanding the cultural and social influences of how individuals respond to ill health.

Helping Networks of the Aging and Retired
 Warren, Donald I.
1992 0-88946-137-6 328 pages
Specifically directed at a better understanding of the often fragile patterns of help and social support available to the aging and retired in urban society.

Historiographical Inquiry Into the Theoretical and Methodological Implications of Borders in the Studies of Great Epidemics: Bugs and Borders
 Ohman Nielsen, May-Brith
2015 1-4955-0314-3 256 pages
The present study explores the complex relations between some significant historical phenomena, the great epidemics of modern times, and the way historians and other scholars have designed and conducted their study of those phenomena. It examines the historical research on big international epidemics of infectious diseases between 1830 and 1960 utilizing public health records, anthologies and monographs in multiple languages from 255 source publications in 27 countries

History of Medicine Volume 1: Primitive and Ancient Medicine
 Prioreschi, Plinio
1991 0-7734-9661-0 642 pages

History of the Hospitals of Pre-Modern Poland From the Twelfth Through the Eighteenth Centuries
 Roczniak, Wadysaw
2009 0-7734-4817-9 376 pages
This book is the first comprehensive study of Polish hospitals from the high Middle Ages through the eve of the French Revolution, a subject virtually unknown in the Anglophone and Polish historiographies. The work examines the ways in which the conflicts between the Church, the nobility, and municipal authorities shaped Poland’s hospitals across six centuries.

History of Traditional Medicine and Health Care in Pre-Colonial East-Central Africa
 Waite, Gloria
1993 0-7734-9707-2 200 pages
First study of its kind in African medical history. It reconstructs the medical history of people in eastern Zambia and the Kilombero valley in south-central Tanzania over a period of about 2000 years. Based on written and personal interviews.

History of Western Medicine in Zimbabwe
 Mossop, R. T.
1998 0-7734-8536-8 848 pages

History of Women's Menstruation From Ancient Greece to the Twenty-First Century
 Hufnagel, Glenda Lewin
2012 0-7734-2648-5 188 pages
Hufnagel chronicles the historical inaccuracies in understanding menstruation which have contributed to viewing women as a ‘second sex’ and perpetuated feelings of shame. Her argument claims that only in the last few decades has science begun to fully understand the issue. Subsequent social and psychological treatment of menstruation in recent years has helped women to have an increased sense of comfort with their bodies. From Ancient Greece where Aristotle claimed that women were closer to animals, to contemporary misunderstandings about menstruation leading to increased acne, which was viewed as a sign of sexual immorality beginning with pubescence, the book tells the tawdry tale of women learning to accept themselves through successive scientific breakthroughs.

How Anthropology Informs the Orthodontic Diagnosis of Malocclusion’s Causes
 Corruccini, Robert S.
1999 0-7734-7980-5 216 pages
Since shortly after the Western beginning of a recognized specialty of orthodontics, dentistry scholars have argued over the biologic causes of the disorder. From the 1960s it has been recognized that in industrialized and affluent Euro-American populations there is a veritable epidemic of malocclusion. Causes have been debated from the early days. This volume summarizes the voluminous literature, history of orthodontic etiologic thinking, related disorders, worldwide and time-successive human comparisons, and the all-important experimental investigations pointing to chewing exercise resulting from resistant foods as the chief culprit.

How the British National Health Service Deals with Ethnic Diversity
 Johns, Nick
2006 0-7734-5733-X 412 pages
Provides a valuable insight into the experiences of minority ethnic communities both as patients and staff members in the NHS. It charts the nature of the problems they face, from language barriers to cultural misunderstandings. Issues of discrimination are explored and a unique insight is provided into the perceptions of a range of NHS staff in relation to the political climate in the wake of the Macpherson Report (1999). A fresh perspective is offered from the point of view of users into the concept of institutional racism, which questions the unwitting nature of prejudice as defined in the Report.

A Foucaultian History of Legislation in America
 London, Jeffrey Matthew
2010 0-7734-3772-X 180 pages
Investigates the social construction of the processes of marijuana criminalization and marijuana medicalization. It is the first substantive study on the subject to include a detailed historical context in which to situate a new theoretical model for examining the contemporary U.S. drug policy debate.

How What You Eat Defines Who You Are. The Food Theme in Four American Writers
 Chang, Ya-hui Irenna
2008 0-7734-4906-X 208 pages
An examination of identity using the trope of food and the theory of multicultural feminism to analyze the relationships between husband and wife, parent and child, and an individual and his or her local community depicted in contemporary American fictional works—The Woman Warrior, The Color Purple, Love Medicine, and The Joy Luck Club—by minority women writers and their film adaptations, The Color Purple (1985) by Steven Spielberg and The Joy Luck Club (1993) by Wayne Wang.

Human Service Information Systems How to Design and Implement Them
 Trute, Barry
1985 0-88946-128-7 202 pages
A guide to the creation of automated information systems in human service settings.

Human Sex Change and Sex Reversal Transvestism and Transsexualism
 Carlisle, David Brez
1998 0-7734-8496-5 456 pages
Over a period of forty years, Dr. Carlisle has examined and interviewed several thousand sexually dysphoric persons, transsexuals and transvestites. This book provides an analysis of the mass of data resulting from this work, illustrated by verbatim accounts. This is the first such account since that of Dr. Benjamin, over thirty years ago.

Illness, Poverty, and Abuse of Migrants on the Thai-Burma Border: The Vulnerability of a Displaced People
 Lehane, Leigh
2014 0-7734-3525-5 356 pages
A fascinating narrative that brings the plight of minority ethnic groups from Burma to life and grounds the theoretical concepts of social determinants of health by individualizing the human dimension of these vulnerable populations and highlighting their personal situations as well as their coping skills.

Imagery’s Place in Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Healing Perspectives From Religious and Mystical Traditions
 Amalraj, Loyola
2002 0-7734-7084-0 416 pages

Images of Mental Illness Through Text and Performance
 Rudolph, Sarah J.
2005 0-7734-6125-6 180 pages
Theoretical inquiry into the representation of mental illness on stage has not kept pace with theatre scholarship relating to images of marginalized populations as presented on stage, nor with developments in current thinking about mental disease. This collection examines the dynamics of characterization and the problematics of representation within the context of new trends in pharmacology and reconfigured definitions of mental disease, at a time when unprecedented attention is being given to the complex realities of living with mental disorders.

Incorporating Sexual Trauma Into the Functional Life Narrative
 Gasker, Janice
2002 0-7734-7094-8 168 pages

Integrated Existential Approach to Counseling Theory and Practice
 Mobley, Jerry A.
2005 0-7734-6204-X 296 pages
Seven popular counseling theories are presented in this book and integrated into a meta- theory utilizing the common denominator of existentialism. Definition of the particular counseling skills that are involved in each approach and rubrics to measure counselor performance on these skills are provided. While counselor behavior is operationally defined for each theory, this book integrates them together into a theoretical whole. The relationship with the client is more valued than any technique, and the counselor learns to perform an assortment of proven techniques.

Integrating Spirituality and Exercise Physiology. Toward a New Understanding of Health
 Boone, Tommy
2010 0-7734-3679-0 188 pages
This book proposes that health care is not just about physical abilities but mental and spiritual beliefs as well. The author argues for a more complex understanding of the psycho-physiological connection and advocates for a more holistic approach that may presently be perceived as a radical way to think about the practice of exercise and exercise physiology as a profession.

Interviews with Patients in Psychotherapy. The Client Speaks
 Falk, Ursula A.
1995 0-7734-9402-2 224 pages
A casebook for social workers and social work students. The characters in these vignettes are real people who came to a caseworker to tell their stories. These are authentic case histories with only names and places modified to protect identities. Problems include sexual abuse, substance addiction, memories from concentration camp experience, family dysfunction.

Ireland and the Quality of Life, 1841-1861: The Famine Era
 Jordan, Thomas E.
1997 0-7734-8677-1 440 pages
This work addresses the role of stress in the lives of people and the quality of life which stress induced as people tried to cope with the Irish famine. From the 1841 census, the author has constructed a ten-variable index of the quality of life in each of Ireland's thirty-two counties and four provinces. The index is repeated for 1861. The original data are developed from census sources and so may be construed as longitudinal in nature and archival in source. In addition, commentaries of the time are drawn on, so the empirical-statistical perspective is supplemented by narrative accounts. Includes illustrations from the original pages of The Illustrated London News, the Pictorial Times, and the humor magazine Punch.

Islam, Medicine, and Practitioners in Northern Nigeria
 Abdalla, Ismail H.
1997 0-7734-8655-0 192 pages
Many ethnographers and anthropologists have written about traditional medicine in Africa as if it were one coherent system. This volume argues that though the Islamic and the pre-Islamic Hausa medical systems have by now many things in common, their theoretical and conceptual frameworks are different. They operate from different understandings of the causes of disease and misfortune, and the appropriate methods to be employed to restore health or alleviate suffering. It also discusses another significant difference between the Islamic and non-Islamic Hausa medical systems: the mode of preserving and communicating medical knowledge. For a thorough understanding of the interaction between these two medical traditions in Hausaland, the early history of Islamic medicine is described, and its theories, concepts, and developments through the centuries are explored.

Issues and Perspectives on Health Care in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa
 Kalipeni, Ezekiel
1998 0-7734-8433-7 436 pages
Contributors from both Africa and the United States include medical geographers, medical doctors, Africanists, demographers, anthropologists, sociologists, and economists. Most offer specific recommendations in the battle against disease and poor health conditions.

John Wesley's Vegetarianism: Should a Spirit-Filled Christian Abstain from Eating Animals?
 Rogal, Samuel J.
2019 1-4955-0789-0 108 pages
Dr. Samuel Rogal reviews the evidence concerning John Wesley's practice of advocating vegetarianism, despite never fully embracing the vegetarian lifestyle entirely himself. This work considers the ethical and spiritual considerations of John Wesley on the issue.

Link Between Asperger Syndrome and Scientific, Artistic, and Political Creativity. Eleven Case Studies
 Fitzgerald, Michael
2014 0-7734-0907-6 160 pages
A new scholarly narrative on artistic loners, creative misogynist and the eccentric personalities of some of history’s most creative and inspiring adventurers, great thinkers, and writers whose lives and achievements are analyzed from an Asperger Syndrome perspective. The study examines the unique interplay between human creativity and the known disabilities afflicting individuals with Asperger and ADHD.

Makings of Dr. Charcot's Hysteria Shows Research Through Performance
 Hunter, Dianne
1998 0-7734-8499-X 156 pages
This study describes the creative process of generating the ensemble performance work Dr. Charcot's Hysteria Shows, including the use of Labanotation and group improvisations in decoding the body language of 19th-century hysterics at the Salpetriere, with interpolations from Freud's case histories. This event takes its visual roots from period photographs and drawings used by Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot (France's first psychiatrist) and his followers at the Paris public asylum for madwomen. The verbal text draws from and responds to writings by Sigmund Freud on women, and Charcot's famous lectures, filtered through 20th-century feminist criticism and theory. With illustrations.

Management Dilemmas in Catholic Human Service
 Cleary, Maureen
2007 0-7734-5462-4 308 pages
This work seeks to identify and analyze certain management and governance dilemmas displayed in Australia’s Catholic Human Service Organizations (CHSO). The research found that these problems are arising out of the complex interaction of the Church structures, external economic and political changes and a fundamental change in the personal base of these organizations. While quite uniform in the 1960s, Australian CHSOs have taken on multiple organizational forms in the past years due to rapid changes in the arenas in which they operate. Yet, in all these different forms, a single meaning system serves as a unifying principle, thereby illustrating that CHSOs cannot be categorized as being derived from a political, economic or legal institutional base. Rather, they are part of a group of organizations called Symbolic Organizations that are derived from a symbolic institutional base.

Medical Issues and Health Care Reform in Russia
 Hesli, Vicki L.
1999 0-7734-7933-3 340 pages
These essays provide a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary perspective on the complex issues facing Russian medical professionals and politicians as they attempt to transform new health care policies and laws into practice at the turn of the 21st century. Essays in four areas: Impact of Political and Social Transitions on Health and Health Care; Current Conditions and Future Needs in Russian Health Care Delivery; Sexual Politics and Policy in Russian Culture; Health Care Innovations, Cross-Cultural Training and Educational Initiatives.

Essays on Medical Litigation, the Mandatory Reporting of Health Professionals and the Limits of the Law
 Smith, Joseph Wayne
2013 0-7734-4535-8 462 pages
This book discusses several important topics. Firstly, the book analyzes the limits of tort law; the problems with Australian law on the negligent failure to disclose medical risks and the merits of no-fault compensation schemes. Then it studies the importance of the elimination of medical error and the adoption of sound and comprehensive risk management principles; apologies and open disclosure in medicine. It also discusses the relationship between expert evidence and medical malpractice litigation.

Medical Theory About the Body and the Soul in the Middle Ages: The First Western Medical Curriculum at Monte Cassino
 Grudzen, Gerald J.
2007 0-7734-5208-7 280 pages
This study examines the cross-cultural transmission of medical knowledge and theory between Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities in the Medieval period. The monastery of Monte Cassino in Southern Italy became the pivotal center for the transfer if Arabic medical science into the Latin West at the end of the eleventh century. Special attention is given to the debates over the precise relationship of the body and soul, one of the central concerns of contemporaneous philosophy and theology.

Medicine and Scottish Missionaries in the Northern Malawi Region, 1875 - 1930
 Hokkanen, Markku
2007 0-7734-5341-5 672 pages
Examines medicine and health, colonialism and Christian missionary efforts in Central Africa through the case-study of the Livingstonia Mission of the Free Church of Scotland in Malawi between 1875 and 1930. The author describes ideas, practices and experiences of illness, health and medicine among missionaries, Africans and colonialists in the Northern Malawi region. This book contains two color maps.

Mental Health Information Systems
 Bennett, Edward M.
1983 0-88946-125-2 202 pages
Contains 15 original essays which examine current knowledge and issues related to the development of meaningful, cost-effective mental health information systems. Examines four exemplary systems operating in North America.

Metaphoric Analysis of the Debate on Physician Assisted Suicide
 Spragins, Elizabeth S.
1999 0-7734-8041-2 144 pages
Uses metaphoric analysis to explore the rhetorical aspects of the debate as represented in the published works of three physicians with opposing views: Dr. C. Everett Koop, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and Dr. Timothy Quill. After examining the texts, the author invents a hybrid metaphorical concept which can serve as a rhetorical bridge for participants in the debate. Once this metaphorical means of communication is in place, the necessary exploration of ethical systems can occur. Spragins goes well into the rhetorically unexplored territory of the debate on physician assisted suicide, illustrating in every argument how metaphor figures on thinking and speaking about the human mode of perceiving and being.

Militarization, Gender and Reproductive Health in South Sudan
 Jok, Madut Jok
1998 0-7734-2235-8 360 pages
This volume examines two aspects of reproductive health among the Dinka of South Sudan: first, sexual and reproductive roles expected of women as their contribution to the national liberation struggle; second , their acknowledgement of the role and their simultaneous strategies to maintain their health.

Motor Development and Sports Skills Clinic
 Millslagle, Duane G.
1997 0-7734-8425-6 172 pages
This volume provides the reader with an understanding of how to develop, organize, and implement a motor development program for the disabled using the achievement-based model. Part 1 integrates the traditional special education model of assessment, planning, teaching, and evaluation with a station-by-station approach in development of motor and sports skills. Part 2 provides a a guideline for those who participate in these programs as teachers. This book is comb-bound in soft-cover for greater ease of use. Special text price available.

Understanding the Issues
 Richardson, Herbert W.
1988 0-88946-910-5 177 pages
Presents a series of essays and legislative documents dealing with a variety of cults, and the discrimination against them.

Nutrition for God's Temple (hardcover)
 Couey, Dick
1993 0-7734-9286-0 664 pages
This nutrition textbook, both up-to-date and accurate, is written for Christians and others who wish to self-protect their bodies against health hazards. The contents and controversial topics are well-referenced (over 350 references), and approximately 70% of the references are from sources published since 1986. Each chapter contains detailed summary tables that include the major points. Appendixes contain detailed nutrient analyses of hundreds of foods. At the end of each chapter are commonly-asked questions and answers concerning the topic. Finally, at the back of the book 18 laboratories are included, to give students some practical working knowledge of nutrition and how it might by applied to everyday life. Each chapter has Bible verses that apply to the particular topic in nutrition.

Nutrition for God's Temple: A Christian Textbook to the Field of Nutrition (softcover)
 Couey, Dick
1993 0-7734-9288-7 664 pages
This nutrition textbook, both up-to-date and accurate, is written for Chistians and others who wish to self-protect their bodies against health hazards. The contents and controversial topics are well-referenced (over 350 references), and approximately 70% of the references are from sources published since 1986. Each chapter contains detailed summary tables that include the major points. Appendixes contain detailed nutrient analyses of hundreds of foods. At the end of each chapter are commonly-asked questions and answers concerning the topic. Finally, at the back of the book 18 laboratories are included, to give students some practical working knowledge of nutrition and how it might by applied to everyday life. Each chapter has Bible verses that apply to the particular topic in nutrition.

 Duhon-Sells, Rose M.
1992 0-7734-1655-2 124 pages
Major objective is to provide information that may be utilized by parents, grandparents, or any adult interested in creating a healthy environment for children. Includes chapters on the Development Process of the Personality of Children of Color; Parent-child Relationship; Children and the Home; Guiding the Behavior of Children; Positive Discipline; and Foster Parenting.

Pastoral Care and Administration in Mid-Fourteenth Century Barcelona: Exercising the ' Art of Arts'
 Utterback, Kristine T.
1993 0-7734-9311-5 236 pages
This book combines the theory of thirteenth and fourteenth century pastoral legislation and pastoral manuals from Barcelona with the realities found in documents from the Barcelona bishops' courts between 1335-1363, the years surrounding the Black Death. Not surprisingly, the two differ vastly, and matters which occupied canonists and theologians often received no official attention in court records. This book develops a picture of diocesan life in Barcelona based on the structures imposed by its legislation, but it also explores the social history of a diocese and its parishes in the period before, during and after the Black Death.

Philosophical Examination of the History and Values of Western Medicine
 Sharkey, Paul W.
1993 0-7734-9210-0 200 pages
The study's central thesis is that medicine reflects better than any other discipline the ethical crises of our age and that these are the natural result of the schism between "facts" and "values" brought about at the time of the scientific revolution. It offers a brief introduction to the philosophical history of medicine, argues that current ethical theory rests upon a fallacy of abstraction, calls for a more realistic appraisal of ethical responsibility, and challenges the notion that ethics is necessarily more "subjective" than science. Examines the role of ethics in medical education, managing ethical issues in health-care delivery systems, medical economics, abortion, and sexually transmissible diseases, giving special attention to the realities of ethical responsibility in each case.

Physiological Basis and Quantum Versions of Memory and Consciousness
 Hudson, Arthur J.
2006 0-7734-5746-1 244 pages
This book on memory and consciousness arose out of a concern for there being a lack of understanding of the physiological processes which underlie consciousness. Knowledge related to the origin of consciousness is essential to many disciplines with an interest in human behavior but because brain damage often produces impaired consciousness it is especially important to neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychologists in managing patients. There have been major advances in how memory is stored and recalled in the cerebral cortex but how memory is very rapidly and transiently accessed during consciousness, as when the environment is swiftly visually scanned and recognized, is not understood. Therefore, a detailed physiological explanation of how memory is integrated with consciousness is necessary if consciousness is to be understood. The reader of this work is provided with a basic overview on the structure and function of neurons, their electrical behavior, the role of neurotransmitters, neural circuits, protein networks, etc. in the recording of information in the cerebral cortex. On this background of knowledge, an electrophysiological theory and quantum versions of consciousness are presented, demonstrating how sensory input can be very rapidly matched to memory and sustain a coherent state of consciousness.

Policy and Practice for Dementia Care in Ireland
 O’Shea, Eamon
2004 0-7734-6494-8 214 pages
Dementia care is currently in transition and an opportunity now exists for a radical reform of public policy for people with dementia and their care-givers. This book provides a framework for policy formulation and implementation based on a person-centered social model of care provision. It establishes six basic principles for the planning and provision of services based on theories of justice that emphasize the importance of autonomy, self-respect and integrity. The model of planning set out in the book for Ireland can be replicated in other countries.

Politics of HIV/ AIDS and Implications for Democracy in Kenya
 Wambuii, Henry Kiragu
2006 0-7734-5649-X 260 pages
Taking the responses against HIV/AIDS as a political arena for the interaction between the state and civil society in Kenya, this book explores the relationship between the resulting mobilization against HIV/AIDS and the ongoing process of democratic consolidation in Kenya. Evidence from the country’s mobilization against HIV/AIDS in the early part of the 21st century reveals an explicit positive impact on the buildup of democracy in the country. This is mainly as a result of emergent institutional mechanisms in the response against the pandemic. While HIV/AIDS has been widely portrayed as a negative force to reverse political gains made in many sub-Sahara African countries in recent years, this book concludes that mobilization against this human catastrophe is inadvertently contributing to the process of democratic consolidation in Kenya. The book advances the ‘theory of democratic enrichment’ which makes the case that mobilization against an external shock can serve as an ‘enhancement’ as opposed to an ‘interruption’ for democratic consolidation.

Prayer to a Purple God
 Studer, Constance
1996 0-7734-3549-2 68 pages
What is it like to be bound within America's health-care system? This volume looks at health and disease from many viewpoints: the patient, the nurse, the doctor, the loved one observing medical care in Intensive Care or the Emergency Room. A quadriplegic patient, the mother of a sick infant, and the mother of a brain-injured boy are some of the viewpoints painted by vivid imagery here. Constance Studer draws upon her twenty years' experience as a registered nurse in this book.

Predictors of Stage Movement Toward Smoking Cessation in Pregnant Women
 Henry, Lorna C.
2002 0-7734-7075-1 184 pages

Preventions and Treatments of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. A Socio-Epidemological Sourcebook
 Forster, Brenda
1991 0-7734-9714-5 581 pages
This sourcebook emphasizes information and experience by practitioners in the field of substance-abuse prevention and treatment, and addresses the issues from a sociological perspective, rather than focusing on a specific sub-group. Given the nature of concerns from interpersonal to organizational, a variety of methodologies is also useful in gaining better understanding. The book also includes material on substance abuse programs in countries outside the US to broaden the cultural context. This book is intended for a wide audience whose research methodology, interests, and skills vary; therefore chapters are written to aid general readers as well as instructors. For the general reader, chapters are written with a minimum of research jargon and data using a modified case-study method which is highly readable. For researchers and advanced students who wish to pursue greater complexities, data tables and statistical information in more detail are given at the end of the chapter. Most chapters also provide references central to the topic in order to aid further reading.

Primer for Health Care, Health Education, and All Disciplines Amidst Change
 DiPietro, Joseph
1999 0-7734-7958-9 156 pages
This is a book of problem solving and resolution. This volume contends that the linkage between Master Craftsmanship, Core Curricula and Multiskilling phenomena is incredibly strong. Although the research in this volume is focused on health technology's learners, the work itself is applicable in most other venues including education, business, and industry. The work is unique in that it focuses on learner performance, and under what circumstances academically do they perform well. I presents a new paradigm: the Paradigm of Timeliness for improving the appropriate education at the right place and time to improve outcome.

Process Theory of Medicine Interdisciplinary Essays
 Ford, Marcus P.
1987 0-88946-328-X 227 pages
Suggests a post-modern medicine, one that rests upon the process metaphysics of Alfred N. Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne.

Production and Management of Therapeutic Power in Zionist Churches Within a Zulu City
 Kiernan, J. P.
1990 0-88946-283-6 300 pages
Deals with health-coping mechanisms in the Zionist church, and how the employ of religious powers for healing is carried out. Focuses on the mystical powers which are used to combat illness. In a situation of religious pluralism, the Zionists are unique in their construction of "havens of health" or sheltered communities which provide care for the afflictions of the urban poor.

Professional and Patient Responsibilities in Home Health Care Nursing
 Marrone, Catherine
1999 0-7734-7975-9 196 pages
Discussions in this book include home care nursing, who enters home care, what home health care nurses do, and working relationships.

Professional Development of Exercise Physiology
 Boone, Tommy
2001 0-7734-7380-7 228 pages

Promoting Professionalism in Exercise Physiology: Vision, Challenges and Opportunities
 Boone, Tommy
2015 1-4955-0295-3 160 pages
A new visionary study to help academics recognize exercise physiology as a legitimate healthcare profession. This work explores the concept that the quality of the scientific training necessary to achieve the prescribed exercise medicine, that promotes healthier lifestyles, is as relevant to society as is nursing or physical therapy. It offers a break from past ways of thinking about exercise physiology and introduces ways to implement the steps necessary to standardize it’s professionalization in order to help it become a nationally recognized healthcare profession.

Psychological Approach to Hospital Acquired Infections
 Bartzokas, C. A.
1995 0-7734-9030-2 164 pages
Work describes the first study of hospital-acquired infections from the psychological perspective. In a systematic probing of the attitudes and behavior of clinical staff towards handwashing, the single most important preventative measure, factors hitherto implicated have been eliminated one by one. The responsibility for avoidable infections has been shown to lie within the psyche of individuals, and explains why Semmelweis's precepts, though consistently validated by generations of medical scientists, remain unheeded in practice.

Quality of Life in Seventeenth- Century Ireland
 Jordan, Thomas E.
2008 0-7734-4744-X 180 pages
This book examines both qualitatively and quantitatively social conditions mortality in Dublin in the middle and later decades of the seventeenth century.

Complying with the New Federal Guidelines
 Valcik, Nicolas A.
2006 0-7734-5572-8 276 pages
The research is a case study of one university’s policies and practices with regard to the procurement, use, storage and disposal of biological Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) in the context of a changing internal structure and a changing regulatory environment. The research utilized qualitative methods for gathering the data that allowed for analysis of the current situation with how the institution conducted operations with biological elements in the organization. Recommendations were formulated from gathering policies, procedures, and practices from other research institutions as well as utilizing federal guidelines for safeguarding biological materials. The research highlights several areas of safety and security for biological HAZMAT that can be improved and makes recommendations based on those findings.

Reinterpreting Freud From a Modern Psychoanalytic Anthropological Perspective
 Forsyth, Dan W.
2002 0-7734-6923-0 484 pages

Relationship Between Race and the Prevalence of Hypertension: A Sociological Analysis of a Critical Socio-Medical Problem in America Today
 Scales, Josie
2015 1-4955-0285-6 224 pages
A new theoretical approach to aid in the inter-disciplinary research on the question of why some racial and ethnic groups are more susceptible to hypertension than others. In this research, the minority status group hypothesis is used to compare the African Americans /European Americans hypertension differentials. It provides a theoretical framework for conceptualizing racial/ethnic group behavior, for constructing hypotheses and interpreting differences in behavior across racial and ethnic boundaries.

Representative History of Local Hospital Development - Wadley Hospital, Texarkana
 Rowe, Beverly J.
2002 0-7734-7179-0 360 pages
This unique local history has a broad application to a number of historical types: institutional history, community history, regional history, period history, social history, and medical history. The Wadley Regional Medical Center history gives a complete chronological history of all the major departments within a regional medical center over the course of a century. It also describes the interaction of hospital employees in times of acute stress, as well as times of major accomplishment. It is based on extensive hospital records, Board of Directors minutes, in-house publications, newspaper articles, trade publication articles, and seventy-five oral histories.

Reproductive Lives of Twenty Middle Class North American Women. Autoethnographical Analyses with Bibliographical Extensions
 Hufnagel, Glenda Lewin
2015 1-4955-0391-7 544 pages
This collection contains twenty-three chapters which chronicle women’s lived reproductive lives beginning with menarche and ending with daughters who were caretakers of their own mothers as they were dying. The contributors are women from universities in the United States and Canada.

Select Annotated Bibliography of Public Attitudes Toward Mental Illness, 1975-2005
 Bhugra, Dinesh
2007 0-7734-5169-2 244 pages
This volume brings together key papers which, from 1975 to 2005, have dealt with public attitudes to mental illness and psychiatry. Knowledge of such attitudes is essential for those who deliver mental health care so that primary prevention, early intervention and appropriate treatments can be set up.

Sexual and Contraceptive Behaviour Among Men in Nepal: The Need for Male-Friendly Reproductive Health Policies and Services
 Dahal, Govinda Prasad
2008 0-7734-4982-5 244 pages
This monograph addresses the methodological problems related to measuring risky sexual behaviour and suggests an effective way to measure the prevalence of an issue largely undocumented in existing literature. After examining the impact of mass media, socio-demographics, and views of policy-makers, and both service providers and beneficiaries, this work demonstrates the value of embracing mixed research methods to produce quality research on challenging and sensitive topics.

Sexual Behavior of Adolescents Incontemporary Sub-Saharan Africa
 Djamba, Yanyi K.
2004 0-7734-6243-0 304 pages
When AIDS emerged in the 1980s, it caught humankind by surprise with its pants down in a world of cultural diversity and prejudice. However, the death toll associated with this pandemic shifted the course of scientific research and programs from family planning to sexual health as scholars struggled to understand the implications of different forms of sexual behaviors on populations. Still, in the two decades that followed, the tendency has been to search selectively for evidence that confirms held beliefs. This book provides a perspective on adolescent sexual behavior in Africa that is based on the state-of-art research methodologies. Written by an international and interdisciplinary group of scientists and covering all sub-Saharan regions, this book is a truly pan-African volume on new research on adolescent sexual behavior. The papers in this volume show that Africa is a mosaic of cultures where local norms and values must be considered in order to successfully understand and manage the emerging sexual and reproductive health issues. With its ten chapters and various methodological approaches that include sample survey research, focus-groups, meta- analysis, and actual HIV testing, this book is certainly a very strong and timely reference book to students, researchers, policy- makers, and all those interested in sexual science in contemporary Africa.

Sexual Realm in Long-Term Marriages a Longitudinal Study Following Marital Partners Over Twenty Years
 Ard, Ben
1990 0-7734-9982-2 196 pages

Sexuality and the Developmentally Handicapped a Guidebook for Health Care Professionals
 Rowe, William F.
1987 0-88946-132-5 245 pages
Presents the knowledge, attitudes, and skills pertinent to responding to the sexual problems of developmentally handicapped persons, their families, and communities. Details fully documented cases, issues concerning the law, and resource materials available.

Sleep Quality in Young Adults
 Sexton-Radek, Kathy
2003 0-7734-6654-1 116 pages
This book addresses basic sleep facts, sleep disorders and behaviors related to young adult sleep, filling a lacuna in the scientific literature, with a particular focus on college students’ sleep quality. The combination of life circumstances such as academic stress, personal transitions to the work world and relationships places the young adult college students in a myriad of opportunities for their involvement. In addition to the scientific information and heightened awareness, this book will provide a summarization of the pertinent studies in the area and may serve as a reference point for future research

Social Consequences of Methamphetamine Use
 Sommers, Ira
2004 0-7734-6569-3 112 pages
Analyzes the pharmacological effects, situational contexts and processual dynamics of methamphetamine use, distribution, and violence, using interviews. Evidence supports previous research that suggests continuity from youth aggression to adult violence. Findings indicate that long-term influences – family, psychological/personality, and peer factors lead to the development of fairly stable, slowly changing differences between individuals in their potential for violence.

Social Impacts of Infectious Disease in England 1600 to 1900
 Loether, Herman
2000 0-7734-7764-0 376 pages
A report of a sociological, social-history study of the effects of threats of infectious diseases on the everyday behavior of members of a society. Episodes of a variety of infectious diseases, including bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, and typhoid fever were identified over the time period studied to determine their impacts. Disruptions and alterations were identified as either temporary or permanent in nature.

Social Intervention. Theory and Practice
 Bennett, Edward M.
1987 0-88946-136-8 432 pages
Presents both theory and examples of social intervention by 16 authors from various disciplines, including psychology, law, and sociology.

Social Work Practice with Low-Income, Urban, African-American Families
 Raider, Melvyn
1998 0-7734-8306-3 172 pages
The authors have woven together a very useful guide for social workers practicing in low-income urban settings. Case examples serve to concretize theories and the summary of treatment strategies effective with low-income urban African-American families is an excellent checklist of dos and don'ts.

Understandings of a “ Good Death”
 MacConville, Una
2011 0-7734-1570-X 356 pages
This book explores understandings of a ‘good death’ and the spiritual dimension of care in an Irish palliative care setting. It provides a new theoretical framework in which these experiences and how they are shaped by their cultural context can be understood.

Sociological History of Excretory Experience. Defecatory Manners and Toiletry Technology
 Inglis, David
2001 0-7734-7539-7 328 pages
This study illustrates how it was the shifting relationships between the aristocracy, bourgeoisie and working classes over several centuries which were greatly responsible for the ways in which we defecate and view human wastes today. The focus is on the historical development of these factors in Western Europe over the last several centuries. This final aspect includes the construction of water-based sewer systems and the development of water closets in 19th and early 20th centuries.

Sociology of the Chiropractic
 Rosenthal, Saul F.
1989 0-88946-130-9 150 pages
Offers a study of the chiropractic's place in the health care system. The three objectives include: presenting the first up-to-date descriptive data on chiropractics, assessing the place chiropractic fills in contemporary health care, and providing a critical data base for anticipating the future direction of chiropractic.

Special Problems on Non-Compliance among Elderly Women of Color
 Kail, Barbara Lynn
1992 0-7734-9531-2 148 pages
This volume presents current knowledge about the use, misuse, and abuse of drugs by an often neglected and misunderstood segment of our population. The various systems involved in the problem are addressed in turn. Epidemological and methodological issues specific to this population are also considered.

State of Dermatoglyphics - The Science of Finger and Palm Prints
 Durham, Norris M.
2000 0-7734-7636-9 384 pages
A hereditary polydactyl in a mouse provides an opportunity to study the effects of this malformation on the surrounding morphological structures and, specifically, on the volar pads, i.e., the sites over which the dermatoglyphic patterns develop. In view of the similarities in the morphology and fetal development of human and mouse hands/feet, the present study is relevant to human subjects, particularly to the understanding of the significance of dermatoglyphic variations in individuals with specific medical disorders. International contributors from Canada, Croatia, Cuba, India, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Portugal, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela expand dermatoglyphic knowledge into areas of gene marker determination and populational analysis.

Strategies for Community Empowerment Direct-action and Transformative Approaches to Social Change Practice
 Hanna, Mark G.
1994 0-7734-2297-8 248 pages
This is a text for graduate and undergraduate social work students, as well as practitioners of community organization and social change practice in the United States. Three distinct social change approaches are represented: traditional, direct action, and transformative. The book provides a state-of-the-art assessment of social change practice and closes with a series of decision rules for students and practitioners who wish to match their organizing goals with strategies in a variety of geographic or culturally diverse settings. An overview of the principal training centers is provided for readers interested in organizing and training opportunities in almost any region of the country. The book emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of each of the described strategies, presents opportunities for synthesis among approaches, and contains a critical assessment of the theory, concepts and skills required to undertake each of the approaches. Case illustrations and composite scenarios are used to make practical applications easy, and classroom and field exercises and assignments are suggested at the end of each chapter. The information for the book was drawn from a cross-disciplinary literature review which covers selected historical, philosophical and political perspectives, as well as from 150 interviews with leading community organizers in 24 cities, and a two-year intensive field study of 15 community organizing and social change training organizations.

Strategies for Developing Personalized Programs for Individuals with Disabilities
 Taylor, George R.
2002 0-7734-7253-3 312 pages
This text was written to provide educators and communities serving children with disabilities in the private and public sectors a guide to develop, implement, evaluate, and revise individualized education programs (IEPs). It provides strategies and guidelines to assist individuals to develop IEPs which will comply with federal and state laws. It will also serve as a guide for support personnel such as school psychologists, counselors, regular educators, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other specialists in conducting and implementing duties and responsibilities associated with IEPs.

Structured Sensory Intervention for Traumatized Children, Adolescents and Parents. Evidence Based Interventions to Alleviate Trauma
 Steele, William
2002 0-7734-7347-5 236 pages
The authors report detailed results of several research studies involving the SITCAP model, and offer compelling data attesting to its clinical efficacy. With the publication of this book, William Steele and Melvyn Raider have performed a valuable service both to young trauma victims and to the professionals who work with them.

Studies in the Quality of Life and Human Development in Ireland and Britain Since the Sixteenth Century
 Jordan, Thomas E.
2010 0-7734-1371-5 592 pages
Traces the historical, medical and sociological progression of society and the individual over the last several centuries.

Study Based on the Clerk's Report Book of the Swansea Local Board of Health 1855-1866
 James, Colin
1998 0-7734-8489-2 196 pages
Researches the town of Swansea in the early 19th century, together with an account of the events which led to the formation of a Local Board of Health (epidemics of typhoid and cholera), and considers the functions and duties of the Board, and a study of its structure.

Suicide. The Constructive-Destructive Self
 Klug, Coletta A.
1996 0-7734-8830-8 310 pages
This volume deals with the destructive behavior of suicidal young adults and older ages, with emphasis on youth in our society. It explores the early theories of Freud and Durkheim, along with the research of Schneidman, Farberow, Litman, Henry, and Short, Jr. Later research findings include Lester, Stone, Gibbs, Hogerman, Giannini, Slaby, and others. Examines the concepts of Holistic Health and Wellness, the impact of lifestyle, stress, life crises, and loss. It includes constructive lifestyle recommendations. The final chapter discusses the reality of death, the practice of euthanasia, and the right to die. This book is available at a textbook price

Systems Change Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention
 Gordon, Jacob U.
1997 0-7734-8781-6 218 pages
This book is intended to fill the current gap in substance abuse prevention theory and practice. Based on what we now know in prevention research and practice, the book strongly recommends outcome-based and systems change approach. Essays include: A Systemic Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention: Vision, Polemics, and Hope (Omowale Amuleru-Marshall) School-Based Adolescent Drug Prevention: What Works and What Doesn't Work, What's Next? (Nancy S. Tobler) Substance Abuse, Violence, and Crime (Albert G. Mata, Jr.) Health Promotion: Strategies for a Generation at Risk (Richard P. Keeling, M.D., and Eric L. Engstrom) Developing an Infrastructure for Community Prevention (Darlind J. Davis and Michael R. J. Felix) Ethnographic Research Methods for Multicultural Community Needs Assessment: A Systems Change Perspective (Kristi O'Dell and Edith M. Freeman) Fighting Back (Project Neighborhood) and Systems Change (Keith Brown) Community Exchange: An Imperative in Substance Abuse Policy Development (Tamara J. Cadet) Recommendations: Preventive Infrastructure (James Copple); Systemic Support (Janine Lee); Research and Evaluation (Mary Jo Larson) Where Do We Go From Here? (Jacob U. Gordon) With bibliography and appendices.

Teaching Adolescent AD/ HD Boys Through Self-Sufficient Reward Control. A Sociological Investigation
 Partridge, Lee
2009 0-7734-3808-0 280 pages
The research utilizes a symbolic interactionist framework and grounded theory methodology to generate a substantive theory regarding how adolescent boys diagnosed with AD/HD respond to the efforts of their teachers who employ rewards and punishments to moderate their actions. The theoretical propositions which were developed from the study have immediate and practical implications for teachers, school administrators and parents.

The Case of Guangxi Province
 Liping, Du
2005 0-7734-6046-2 296 pages
This book presents, for the first time, an account of the marketing system for traditional medicines in China. It is based on a case study centered on Guangxi, one of China’s major producers of traditional medicines. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, medicines produced in Guangxi were transported directly to external markets by packhorses and then boats through the West River System. In the centrally planned economy after 1949, a diversified marketing system containing vertical task allocation connections, horizontally operated regional distribution routes and a dendritically structured local net work was formed in order to fulfill the government’s purchasing tasks. During the reform era of the 1980s, new market mechanisms emerged as a result of merchants’ pursuit of a trading culture based on an "ethic of honour" and the need to protect sources of supply. The net result is a marketing system that is quite distinct from the well-known rural marketing system for trade in non-specialised goods explored by other scholars.

The Nature of Social Work in Ireland: A Historical Perspective
 Skehill, Caroline
1999 0-7734-8177-X 206 pages
This volume provides the first comprehensive account of professional social work in Ireland, to contribute to a better understanding of its present form and nature. It considers the development of social work from the late 19th century to the present. In addition to analyzing the main shifts and continuities over this period, it also considers its surrounding conditions: the relationship between social work and philanthropy in its earlier phases, the impact of the Catholic Church on the development of Irish social work and the influence of the State over the shape and form of social work. In addition, it contributes to a debate about its present form and nature at a time when many uncertainties surround its future direction. For a reader outside of Ireland, in particular, the book provides insight into the cultural, political and social context within which Irish social work emerged over the past century. “. . . this book is a must for all social workers and students of social work in Ireland. As the first of its kind it will also be of importance to those researching the origins of social work in Europe and throughout the English-speaking world. . . . there are many gems throughout the text. . . .” – British Journal of Social Work “. . . as a groundbreaking survey, this book will in the meantime remain the authoritative source for students of Irish social work and for researchers who take up Skehill’s challenges to dig further into the puzzles of informing the present b reference to the past.” – International Social Work “This book provides a detailed, well-documented account of ‘social work’ from the nineteenth century until the present day and is therefore an invaluable source for students, lecturers, researcher and professionals who are trying to understand social work practices and the profession within Ireland. . . . Skehill skillfully draws on available source material to document how the State, Catholic Church and civic institutions have influenced the development of social work in Ireland.” – European Journal of Social Work

How the Funeral Industry Displaced the Church as Custodian of the Dead
(A Study of Private Cemeteries, Public Crematoria, and Bereavement Practices in Edinburgh)
 Smith, Michael
2015 0-7734-3521-2 360 pages
Death is one of the few constants of human experience. It is a fact of life that binds humanity. Despite its familiarity, the rituals, customs, and attitudes relating to it are ever-changing, always reflecting the hopes, fears, and ambitions of living society. This book considers how death practices were transformed during the nineteenth century. Using Edinburgh as a backdrop, it covers a range of issues relating to death, from changing expectations at the graveside to changing attitudes toward the afterlife. The nineteenth century was a formative period. Here, we witness the foundations being laid for many of the features that we take for granted in the early twenty-first century.

A rapidly changing society saw death become a statistical issue, a public health issue, an event where professional practitioners become increasingly important in terms of how the vent was handled. Yet institutional change would be only one of a number of dynamic forces that were shaping the manner in which people met their end. An increasingly capitalist economy meant that death would become big business. This in turn would transform how the funeral and the expression of grief, would be performed. But it is never a one-way process, and change does not always filter down from an institutional level. Any change in death culture reflects a number of processes, some of which are obvious, and some given the private nature of loss, which are ultimately inscrutable.

Medical Practice and Legal Reform
 Smith, Joseph Wayne
2010 0-7734-1407-X 168 pages
The authors bring together a new legal and medical analysis of history and developments in the area of malpractice litigation. The book provides a valuable resource for doctors, lawyers and patients/consumers, especially in terms of its in-depth examination of the components of the surgical litigation crisis and legal reform.

Theoretical and Empirical Advances in Community Mental Health
 Bennett, Edward M.
1985 0-88946-131-7 280 pages
A collection of 25 articles that discuss contemporary advances in community mental health. Organized in three sections: a systems approach to community mental health, psycho-social impacts of resource development, and contemporary issues.

Third World Health Promotion and Its Dependence on First World Wealth
 MacDonald, Théodore H.
2001 0-7734-7387-4 364 pages
This book addresses the issue of the promotion of third world health. That major health problems are worsening, that the differences between first and third world responses are more largely determined by fiscal constraints than by ethnocentric differences and variations in ‘health belief models’ are taken as hypotheses to the present argument. The author examines these in well-researched detail, demonstrates how they inter-relate and then focuses on possible solutions. Because of his extensive third world experience both in medicine and education, MacDonald is able to marshal a wealth of epidemiological and statistical evidence. Ideal for students of human rights and sustainability in development, this book fills a crucial niche in the field as the new millennium begins and as the G7 nations strive to protect first world gains while ensuring that thirds world access to them remains optimally possible. “Professor Theo MacDonald has added to his already impressive list of publications a searing analysis of the effects of global capitalism on the health of the peoples of the third world – and also of the first world. His broad conceptual approach is a major advance in our understanding of the factors which impinge on world health. The widening gap between the public service ethos and the profit motive are starkly illustrated. His examples are wide-ranging and incisive: from the effects of the export of drugs rather than food; immigration; deforestation; war; the promotion of infant foods, the promotion of cigarettes by British and American tobacco companies in China and the evolving tragedy of AIDS and HIV infection in Africa.” – David A. Player

Topographical and Motion Palpation of the Axial Skeleton
 Boyer, Kent L.
1991 0-7734-9904-0 125 pages
A textbook for beginning chiropractic students designed to augment the teaching of palpation of topographical landmarks and musculature associated with the axial skeleton. Begins with osseous topographical landmarks, continues with associated musculature, and concludes with specific motion palpation diagnostic procedures. Contains over 60 helpful photographs for a step-by-step learning approach. Chapters include: ``Why is Joint Motion Important?'' ``What Causes Joint Fixation?'' ``What is Spinal Manipulation?'' ``The Subluxation Complex,'' and ``Is Motion Palpation a Reliable Diagnostis Test?'' Designed to be used by students in conjunction with chiropractic hands-on methods.

Transferability of Social Technology Explorations in the Knowledge Structures of the Helping Professions and Their Transfer
 Chatterjee, Pranab
1990 0-88946-141-4 244 pages
A study of social technologies, such as casework, psychotherapy, or other helping processes, and their transfer from one source to another.

Tuno El Curandero / Tuno the Healer Maestro De La Medicina Folklórica En La Edad Moderna En Peru
 Shattuck, Sim
2002 0-7734-7295-9 212 pages
This is a translation of conversations between Dr. José Gushiken and Eduardo (Tuno) Calderón, a native curandero, or healer of mental, spiritual, and physical disease. Looking first and briefly at Calderón’s life and initiation into the mysteries of curanderismo, the reader gets a wonderful insight into the center of curing, the Mesa or ‘Table’, an altar that stands at the nexus of many universal forces: good and evil, the living and the dead, harm and blessing, witchcraft and medicine, male and female, curse and cure. Tuno’s description of this Table remains one of the most complete discussions of this important gateway into other worlds. Tuno also introduces colleagues and mentors, the practice of the curandero from Peru to Guatemala, family, herbalists, mountain fastnesses. He explains the uses of native plants, some of them with surprising hallucinogenic effects; and other objects with familiar, almost pedestrian provenance, like Tabu perfume, water, rocks, whiskey, or tobacco. This study will interest anthropologists, folklorists, physicians, historians of medicine. Facing page translations.

Twelve Problems in Health Care Ethics
 Shannon, Thomas A.
1984 0-88946-127-9 307 pages
Examines, with the purpose of educating, health care as it is actually lived and as it involves real patients and real health-care providers.

Underdevelopment and Health Care in Africa the Ghanaian Experience
 Quaye, Randolph
1996 0-7734-2254-4 188 pages
This study examines, longitudinally, the nature and context of the health delivery system in Ghana from a political and economic perspective. An historical overview contextualizes the interconnections between the national economy, debt crisis, and health. It directly engages the literature of development and places medical practice in that specific context. By calling attention to the important connections between society, culture, environment and economic resources, this book offers strategies for overcoming ill health in Ghana through critical examination of issues of accessiblity, inequality and stratification in the health delivery systems in the developing world.

Understanding the Concept of Empathy and Its Foundations in Psychoanalysis
 Sharma, Renuka M.
1994 0-7734-9375-1 132 pages
This work situates the notion of empathy broadly within the historical context of its origins and conceptual development, particularly in psychotherapy. It relates the term to its wider usage in popular culture. Chapters survey the contributions of several psychoanalytic writers, from Freud to Kohut, as well as more recent psychoanalytic inquiries. More specific contributions examine aetiology, description, function and epistemology within the psychoanalytic framework. The work concludes with exploration of some ramifications of the 'empathic stance' for broader application in forms of therapy.

Universal Health Care as a Human Right: The Argument of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
 Chapman, G. Clarke
2014 1-4955-0281-3 108 pages
A new look at the highly relevant and impassioned issue of Universal Health Care. Bonhoeffer's writings offer a theological defence for the earthly conditions needed for human well-being. Implicitly that would include basic health care. Utilizing pertinent Bonhoeffer writings, the author offers us an unique perspective on the moral issues of human rights as it relates to health care for everyone.

Use of Herbal Remedies in Two Haitian Communities and Implications for Health-Care Providers Worldwide
 Zamor, Riché C.
2001 0-7734-7488-9 204 pages

Using a Family Perspective in Catholic Social Justice and Family Ministries
 Voydanoff, Patricia
1995 0-7734-9428-6 228 pages
This collection of papers examines the principles presented in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' document A Family Perspective in Church and Society in the context of Catholic social teaching, and develops implications for family policy and social justice concerns in the church. The first part examines recent trends and changes in family life and proposes a policy agenda for the 1990s that addresses these changes. The second part develops linkages between social justice and family life programs so that the former can incorporate a family perspective, and the latter can more effectively advocate for and empower families. It provides strategies for implementation in parishes, dioceses, human service programs and homes.

Voice of Illness. A Study in Therapy and Prophecy
 Siirala, Aarne
1981 0-88946-995-4 224 pages

Welfare as We Know It a Family-Level Analysis of Afdc Receipt
 Barton, Thomas R.
1997 0-7734-8670-4 180 pages
This book examines one of the nation's most important and controversial antipoverty programs: Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Using three years of data from two counties in Wisconsin, the authors examine poverty, how families initially become and continue to be eligible for AFDC, how welfare can be studied using an Event History Analysis, and program evaluation. Unlike most studies of welfare receipt, this volume examines the AFDC-Basic and AFDC-Unemployed Parent programs separately. It is must reading for anyone interested in poverty, AFDC, welfare reform, and program evaluation. To make informed decisions about reforming welfare, we must have strong grasp of how the current system works, and this timely book accomplishes that complex and necessary task.

What is Adolescent Mental Health?
 Stebnicki, Mark A.
2007 0-7734-5251-6 264 pages
This guide offers a unique approach to the identification of, early intervention in, prevention of, and preparation for a variety of harmful adolescent behaviors. The author provides guidelines for implementing a comprehensive model of wellness strategies that promote adolescent resiliency.

Why Nurses Commit Suicide. Mobbing in Health Care Institutions
 Leymann, Heinz
2014 0-7734-0068-0 280 pages
The first English translation of the seminal work of Dr. Heinz Leymann. The term workplace mobbing, or the ganging up of peers and managers against a workmate, was conceptualized by a single scientist, Heinz Leymann in his research to identify a distinct form of collective workplace aggression that has now opened the door to specialization in the field of mobbing and laid the groundwork for its subsequent policies and laws governing human resource management departments globally.