Systems Change Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention

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This book is intended to fill the current gap in substance abuse prevention theory and practice. Based on what we now know in prevention research and practice, the book strongly recommends outcome-based and systems change approach.
Essays include:
A Systemic Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention: Vision, Polemics, and Hope (Omowale Amuleru-Marshall)
School-Based Adolescent Drug Prevention: What Works and What Doesn't Work, What's Next? (Nancy S. Tobler)
Substance Abuse, Violence, and Crime (Albert G. Mata, Jr.)
Health Promotion: Strategies for a Generation at Risk (Richard P. Keeling, M.D., and Eric L. Engstrom)
Developing an Infrastructure for Community Prevention (Darlind J. Davis and Michael R. J. Felix)
Ethnographic Research Methods for Multicultural Community Needs Assessment: A Systems Change Perspective (Kristi O'Dell and Edith M. Freeman)
Fighting Back (Project Neighborhood) and Systems Change (Keith Brown)
Community Exchange: An Imperative in Substance Abuse Policy Development (Tamara J. Cadet)
Recommendations: Preventive Infrastructure (James Copple); Systemic Support (Janine Lee); Research and Evaluation (Mary Jo Larson)
Where Do We Go From Here? (Jacob U. Gordon)
With bibliography and appendices.

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