Sleep Quality in Young Adults

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This book addresses basic sleep facts, sleep disorders and behaviors related to young adult sleep, filling a lacuna in the scientific literature, with a particular focus on college students’ sleep quality. The combination of life circumstances such as academic stress, personal transitions to the work world and relationships places the young adult college students in a myriad of opportunities for their involvement. In addition to the scientific information and heightened awareness, this book will provide a summarization of the pertinent studies in the area and may serve as a reference point for future research

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Young Adult Sleep – Such as it Seems
2. Basics of Sleep
3. The Active World of Sleep
4. When Sleep goes Bad
5. To Sleep Perchance to Rest
6. Sleepy Young Adults
7. Taking Action for Sleep
Resources; References; Index

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