Representative History of Local Hospital Development - Wadley Hospital, Texarkana

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This unique local history has a broad application to a number of historical types: institutional history, community history, regional history, period history, social history, and medical history. The Wadley Regional Medical Center history gives a complete chronological history of all the major departments within a regional medical center over the course of a century. It also describes the interaction of hospital employees in times of acute stress, as well as times of major accomplishment. It is based on extensive hospital records, Board of Directors minutes, in-house publications, newspaper articles, trade publication articles, and seventy-five oral histories.


“. . . chronicles the evolution of the Wadley during its first one hundred years, noting the events and people who carried it forward and its impact on the region. She places the hospital in the context of its time, a time of major medical breakthroughs and increasing government involvement in health care. . . . One of the most enlightening chapters covers the development of the records department, probably the least obvious aspect of the hospital to the layperson. . . . the successes and problems faced by Wadley reflect those of numerous other communities as they brought quality healthcare to the American people during the twentieth century.” – Marilyn McAdams Sibley

“Dr. Rowe thoughtfully delves into areas rarely seen or appreciated by the general public but which are vitally essential nevertheless – medical records, engineering, security, housekeeping, purchasing, laundry and food service. . . . However, Dr. Rowe does not skirt the difficult issues throughout her book. Poor communication, conflicting agendas, turf wars, poor training, strikes and accreditation worries rear up throughout. Dr. Rowe pulls together many different disciplines to detail a rich chronicle.” – Weldon G. Cannon

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. A Century of Hospital Development
2. Texarkana Gets Its First Hospital
3. No Indecision Here!
4. The Uniqueness of Administrators
5. The Healers
6. The Women in White
7. Records, Records, Who’s Got the Records?
8. The Quiet Soldiers
9. When Is Lunch?
10. Hospital-Based Specialists
11. It Takes a Special Person
12. Conclusion
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