Teaching Children with AIDS

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This study examines changes in pre-service teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, and educational intent to implement HIV/AIDS classroom curriculum and universal precautions after participating in HIV/AIDS in-service training. Valuable pre-service teacher training information was obtained as questionnaire responses were recorded prior to and as a result of an in-service program for pre-service student teachers at a U. S. – Mexico border university.


“This is a much-needed document for homes, schools, and communities as means of helping people to understand universal precautions. This information will enhance opportunities for children with AIDS to enjoy and benefit form the teaching learning process by educators who are knowledgeable about their physical condition. The author does an outstanding job of citing current research that includes statistics of the impact of AIDS within the past two decades. . . . . This would make a perfect supplementary curriculum guide for K-12 schools as well as for teacher preparation courses. . . . includes information on laws and policies implemented in various states as related to children with AIDS. . . The precautionary information in this manuscript will save lives if it is utilized as the author prescribed in all educational settings.” – Dr. Rose Duhon-Sells

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature: Background; Universal Precautions; School Policy and HIV/AIDS; HIV/AIDS Education in the Schools; Teachers and HIV/AIDS; Children and HIV/AIDS; Parents and HIV/AIDS; In-service Programs and Available Training Methods; Pre-service Training
3. A Research Study of HIV/AIDS: Participants; Procedures; Assessment; Design
4. Results of the Study: Demographic Characteristics; Comparison of Indices; Comparison of Means
5. Future Significance
Appendices, Bibliography

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