Cancer Epidemic. Shadow of the Conquest of Nature

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The wide publicity given to statistical surveys of cigarette and other tobacco habits in terms of an etiological factor in lung cancer has relegated to the background many other possible components, particularly in the sphere of personality and emotional constellations. This work presents Gotthard Booth's studies of persons who developed cancer, with observations and an experimental approach, the results of which are given in categories of Rorschach responses in order to gain information about the subjects' personalities in terms of intellectual function, emotional control, present content, mental conflicts, creative imagination, and fundamental instinctive drives. From these studies and from the known aspects of the cancer situation the author suggests that cancer is an expression of the personality type. Rich in new ideas with a wealth of informative material to be considered in practical applications, not only in the field of psychopathology but also in general medicine.


". . . offers a wealth of suggestive insights. . . . Medical research too often accepts the Faustian myth of objective knowledge and external control, thereby losing the human meaning of disease. Recommended for advanced seminary and college courses exploring human nature, and for all who care for cancer patients." - John C. Hoffman in Religious Studies Review

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