Select Annotated Bibliography of Public Attitudes Toward Mental Illness, 1975-2005

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This volume brings together key papers which, from 1975 to 2005, have dealt with public attitudes to mental illness and psychiatry. Knowledge of such attitudes is essential for those who deliver mental health care so that primary prevention, early intervention and appropriate treatments can be set up.


“This bibliography forms a useful introduction for those who may be considering research into the nature of public understanding of mental health problems. It also provides a compendium of how misunderstandings have been addressed through intervention by mental health professionals, amongst others, and thereby offers some insight into the directions which may have taken when planning future educational programmes.” – Dr. David Baldwin, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, University of Southampton

“There has been a sea change in attitudes towards those with epilepsy and learning difficulties in recent decades, and we can eventually expect to achieve similar change for the mentally ill. For those determined to contribute to, and hasten that process, this bibliography is an invaluable resource and framework. We owe a great debt to the authors who have carefully gathered together the material and made it so accessible.” – Dr. Glynn Harrison, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Bristol

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Foreword by Dr. Mike Shooter

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