Bibliography of Military and Political Aspects of the Malayan Emergency, the Confrontation with Indonesia, and the Brunei Revolt

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The Malayan Emergency, the Confrontation with Indonesia and the Brunei Revolt are fundamental to an understanding of Southeast Asia during the 20th century. This bibliography brings together 4575 sources which will provide much information for scholars researching these developments and Southeast Asian history in general. Sources include books, theses, newspaper and magazine articles, and unpublished manuscripts.


“If there was an honour roll of bibliographies of the Malayan campaign and the Japanese occupation of Malaya, Singapore and Borneo, Justin Corfield’s work would have to be very close to the top of the list. With over 4,000 entries, it is a formidable collection and it is doubtful whether much has been omitted. . . . There is no doubt that Justin Corfield’s efforts will be invaluable to scholars working on this important aspect of military as well as Malayan and Singapore history. Aside from this, however, on reading the bibliography and the interesting annotations of the entries that Dr. Corfield has provided, one cannot but feel that he has compiled a virtual treasure trove of hitherto untouched material in the form of original diaries and other unpublished personal accounts. . . . his bibliography includes material not only in English and Dutch, but also in Malay and Chinese. There are three indices which have been professionally prepared which facilitate greatly the looking up of entries.” – Leon Comber

“Corfield provides an extensive, helpful reference guide to book, articles, theses, and other publications….Recommended.” -CHOICE

“Corfield’s bibliography exhaustively covers the WW II era in Malaya, Singapore, and Borneo through Japanese attack, occupation, and defeat. More than 4,ooo items are included: books and chapters in books, official government publications, magazine and newspaper articles, dissertations and theses, book reviews, archival collections and interviews. Arrangement is strictly alphabetical by author or other main entry; entries are numbered. Some annotations are supplied. Basic indexes for subjects, service units (British and Commonwealth military), and people (many of them authors of the works included). Best suited to Asian studies and WW II collections.” - CHOICE

“…this volume is an unparalleled resource for research on the wartime era….an invaluable compilation of writing on the area during this time period, with citations ranging from memoirs to fiction to wartime recollections and compilations of papers primarily in Britain and Australia. This work is especially recommended for collections covering Southeast Asia or World War II.” – ARBA (American Reference Books Annual)

“. . . . brings together an impressive array of material covering many aspects of the war. It lists, in alphabetical order, standard works, obscure books and newspaper articles and also a mass of unpublished material held in archives in Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and several other countries. Many of the items are annotated, as some works have deceptive titles. . . . both in its coverage and comprehensiveness, also for its three extremely useful indices, is an essential reference work for any library which covers either Southeast Asia or the Second World War.” – John Leary

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Introduction
Armed Forces: Postwar and Emergency Periods
Indices of Subjects and People

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