Annotated Bibliography of Multi-Cultural Literature and Related Activities for Children Three to Ten Years

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Today’s schools are very diverse. As a result, many teachers and parents are faced with the challenge of helping children understand and accept differences. Multicultural literature provides an ideal way to expose children to how much we are alike even if we are different.

This annotated list of over three hundred multicultural children’s books is a comprehensive list of books from diverse cultures. Children from different cultures as well as children for whom English is not their first language will see themselves represented in authentic ways. Children from mainstream America will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

While there is a plethora of multicultural literature for children, there is an absence of tools to connect the literature to activities. In this book there are several activities which are connected to and support the stories discussed. These activities, along with the "A Suggestion to Broaden Cultural Awareness” section, allow adults and children to view literature and cultural diversity from different perspectives. Children considered different will feel validated as they begin to learn that being different is not a deficit.

Early childhood and elementary teachers will find this annotated list of books a good resource for connecting children to books. The variety of books will also help children to understand and appreciate the positive aspects of diversity.


“This cultural kaleidoscope has been captured in a unique annotated list of over three hundred books….The list is extensive not only in number but it’s usefulness….multicultural topics are extensive. They include clothing, travel, intergenerational relationships, food, celebrations, folktales and moral issues such as good over evil. In addition to the main listing, the various appendices are particularly useful….This annotated bibliography is extremely remarkable in the many utilitarian possibilities. Teachers interested in expanding multicultural education across content areas could not ask for a better source for information. The wide classification that incorporates cultures and micro-cultures make this volume invaluable.” – Lena Hall, Nova Southeastern University

“In An Annotated Bibliography of Multi-Cultural Literature for Children Three to Ten Years, the author provides an extensive list of multi-cultural books that teachers can use to supplement the curriculum in Kindergarten and elementary grades. The information is both useful and timely. The annotation provided for each book will allow teachers to select materials that will broaden and deepen children’s understanding of cultural differences. The reader will note that the author has listed the books according to content area, a feature that teachers will greatly appreciate when they are seeking additional information on a specific topic. Teachers will also be able to utilize the numerous activities that support content areas, such as language arts and mathematics. This book comes at a time when the nation’s schools are becoming increasingly diverse. From current education publications, it is obvious that children in today’s schools represent many different cultures. There is no doubt, therefore, that teachers will welcome this list of multi-cultural resources along with the many activities that they can use in conjunction with the existing curriculum.” - Gloria Maccow, Ph.D., Program Specialist for Assessment, Guilford County Schools

“At a time when schools are becoming more diverse, beginning teachers, who may be uncertain of their multicultural abilities, will find this book an ideal way to build a multicultural classroom. There are over three hundred annotated listings. This will assist teachers in finding multicultural books for a variety of interests and reading levels. The age/grade level provided by the author will enable teachers to choose appropriate books for their students. Experienced teachers will also delight in this book in which they will find a gold mine of creative activities. The activities, which are age related, will enliven the thinking of all teachers and rekindle the enthusiasm of experienced teachers who are interested in multicultural education and cultural awareness.” - Larry Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Foreword; Introduction
Annotated Bibliography:
• Adventure/Travel; Alphabet/Counting; Animals; Biography; Clothing; Community Pride; Cooperation; Counting; Family; Fear/Courage; Feelings/Emotion; Folktale/Fairytale/Fable; Food; Friendship and Sharing; Good Luck/Good Fortune; Good Overcomes Evil; Helping Others; History-People/Places; Holidays/Celebration; Imagination/Fantasy; Intergenerational Relationships; Legends; Lifestyle/Customs; Occupations; Plants; Race Relations; Rhymes/Poems; Seasons; Self-Awareness/Self-Esteem; Self-Discovery; Separation and Loss; Time concept; Weather
Author’s Notes on Integrated Curriculum
Appendix A – Additional Multicultural Books that Support an Integrated Curriculum
Appendix B – Activities that can be used to Support Content Areas: Language Arts; Science; Mathematics; Social Studies; Art
Appendix C – List of Books by Diversity Characteristics
Index – List of Books by Author

Other Bibliography Books