Bibliography of the First World War in the Far East and Southeast Asia

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This bibliography brings together 1491 sources – books, magazines, theses, newspaper articles, and unpublished manuscripts which contribute to the understanding of the First World War in the region. Topics include the battle of Tsingtao in China, developments in China and Japan, the German naval presence in the region, the Singapore Mutiny, etc. Indices cover Asian countries and cities, subjects, themes and genres, military units, and names, which will allow scholars to locate published and unpublished material for their research.


“…a vast and comprehensive bibliography of published and archival material……..entries come from a variety of sources – newspapers, magazines, academic and non-academic journals and periodicals, dissertations, memoirs, monographs, commentaries and archives. Archival material has been drawn from the principal repositories of Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and a number of other countries. The author is to be congratulated in particular for the amount of obscure archival material that has been listed. A researcher consulting the bibliography will find this information invaluable. There is also some internet material listed.” – Dr. Allen Warren

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Introduction
Index of Asian Countries
Index of Subjects
Index of Military Units
Index of Names

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