Militarization, Gender and Reproductive Health in South Sudan

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This volume examines two aspects of reproductive health among the Dinka of South Sudan: first, sexual and reproductive roles expected of women as their contribution to the national liberation struggle; second , their acknowledgement of the role and their simultaneous strategies to maintain their health.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Politics of Reproduction: A Theoretical Perspective
3. The Context: The Dinka of Bahr el Ghazal
4. Women, Social Transition and Reproduction
5. Women and Management of Reproduction
6. Social Restructure as an Adaptive Strategy and Determinant of Health-Seeking Behavior
7. Men's Views on Sexuality and Reproductive Health
8. Women's Health and Relief Interventions
9. The Role for Anthropology: General Conclusions
Bibliography and Index

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