Health-Seeking Behavior in Ethnic Populations

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Presents articles that explore help-seeking behavior within various social and cultural contexts. Critical to this book is the bridging of two concepts that have traditionally appeared in disparate places within the published health arena, i.e., ethnicity and health-seeking behavior. This book brings these concepts together to emphasize their impact on understanding the cultural and social influences of how individuals respond to ill health.


“Health is the product of both the environment in which we live and the social fabric of various cultures. While the initial impact of a disease can be mediated, i.e. participating in disease prevention behavior – eating the right foods, exercising, and controlling stress – ill health is influenced by social factors ... this book is important and significant because it focuses on the ways in which individuals and cultures seek health care; cultures vary in the way they treat a sick person as well as defining illness ...” – (from the Foreword) Professor Erma Lawson, University of North Texas

“This volume informs readers about the complex conflict between traditional cultures and modernization as they blend into the psychology of various human beings on this planet. The editors and authors see disease in part as a social construction, a classic relativist position. In a similar manner, health-seeking behavior is determined in large part by social definitions as individuals decide to take action and decide not to act regardless of ‘symptoms’ that they may experience ... This study provides some framework which allows us to understand and observe the variable manner in which humans cope with clinical symptoms around the world ...” – Professor Stan Ingman, University of North Texas

Table of Contents

Foreword by Erma Lawson
1. Ethnicity and Health-Seeking Behavior – Tyson Gibbs and Sue Gena Lurie
2. Health-Seeking Behavior in a Mexican-American Community – Sue Gena Lurie
3. African Americans’ Health-Seeking Behavior – Tyson Gibbs
4. Cultural Aspects of Health-Seeking Behavior for the African Population in Katutra, Namibia – Debie LeBeau
5. Nigerian-Americans’ Health-Seeking Behavior – Doug Henry
6. Arab-Americans’ Health-Seeking Behavior – Alice Reizian
7. Native Hawaiians’ Health-Seeking Behavior – Lisa Henry
8. Resettled Refugees of Southeast Asian Ethnicities: Health-Seeking Behavior – Lance A. Rasbridge and Charles Kemp
9. Ethnicity and Health-Seeking Behavior in India – Vijayan K. Pillai and Hector L. Diaz
10. Big and Little Moon Peyotism as Health Care Delivery Systems – Dennis Wiedman
11. Culture and Health Behavior in Three Asian Communities – Stella R. Quah
12. Telemedicine: Health-Seeking Behavior in the Information Age Among Affluent Americans – Arushi Sinha
13. Conclusion – Sue Gena Lurie

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