North American Borderland Narratives: French, Spanish and Native Identities

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This work focuses on the ways in which border zones modify individual and national identity, by stressing changes resulting from the meeting of cultures.

From the Foreword:
“. . . the essays highlight various aspects of the paradoxical development of a stronger North American integration combined with a stronger militarization.”
­-Prof. Marietta Messmer, University of Groningen

Table of Contents

Marietta Messmer
Jeanette den Toonder

Albena Bakratcheva
Metamorphoses of the Frontier: Realities and Haunting Ghosts of Americanization

Tity de Vries
Consolidation and Transformation of Alaska’s Last Frontier Identity

María Socorro Tabuenca Córdoba
Rosina Conde and Her Real and Imagined Identities and Borders

Nadia Lie
Border Studies and Post-NAFTA Culture: Zorro as the “New Mestizo”

Hub Hermans
The Hero of the Mexican Corrido: Between Regionalism and Globalism

Lucie Guillemette
A Teenage Girl’s Discourse and the Quest for Identity: America as the Land of Possibility in Children’s Fiction in Québec

Winfried Siemerling
Harpers Ferry Revisited: Border Crossings and Identification in Lawrence Hill

Catherine Raffí-Béroud
Some Island Trips

Alejandro Ortiz Bullé Goyri
A Journey through Identity in “The man who turned into a buzzard” and the Mexican Indigenous Theatre of the 1990s

Yvette Jiménez de Báez
Migration and Identity Related to the Celebration of the Topada in The Sierra Gorda Mountains and Neighboring Areas in Mexico

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