A Biographical Encyclopedia of Medical Travel Authors: Ireland

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The collection is a wide-ranging reference guide. The six volumes are made up of one-paragraph biographies of medical travel authors drawn from all peoples and regions of the world. The authors are included because they have published a book of travel or have left significant material of book potential. Some space is given to travellers from abroad into the region represented by the volume.


“. . . an important work of scrupulous scholarship which introduces a new perspective into the biographical sketches of many medicos from luminaries to the unsung. The author has enriched medical historiography by this painstaking compendium.” – Sir Peter Froggatt, Former Vice-Chancellor and President, the Queen’s University of Belfast

“. . . will become a required source for anyone writing on the development and influence of the British Empire.” – Prof. Davis Coakley, University of Dublin Trinity College

“[Contains] details [that] would be valuable reference points on geographical or social conditions in many different parts of the world.” – Dr. Peter Gatenby

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
Foreword by Sir Peter Froggatt
The Biographies
Some Foreign Medical Travellers and Ireland
Bibliography and Further Reading
Index of Entries

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