Jones, Eileen Kerwin

Eileen Kerwin Jones has a background in public health nurse and midwifery. She completed her doctoral studies in theological ethics at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. She is an independent scholar and activist with teaching and work experiences in Canada, England, Africa and India. Her areas of interest are in the nexus of liberation theological ethics, feminist studies, globalization, international health and economics. She is an activist and founding member of PACT-Ottawa, a grassroots organization concerned about the problem of human trafficking.

Economic Injustice of Maternal Mortality. A Feminist Ethical Analysis
2008 0-7734-4792-X
This work is a response to the lack of theological reflection on the qualitatively different poverty endured by women, a concrete manifestation of which is maternal mortality. This work argues that the failure of liberation theology to attend adequately to the poverty of women compromises its commitment to solidarity with the oppressed.

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