Displaced Children in Crisis - Our Enabling System for High Risk Behavior

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This text provides an overview of issues associated with the needs of children who are displaced in society. An opening discussion of the importance of attachment serving as the basis for a child’s development, the remainder of the text considers the elements of a social service system that frequently hinders planning for the ‘best interest of the child.’ Throughout the text are brief case studies, taken from actual cases, which provide insights into the frustrations facing the children, caregivers, social service workers, and educators as they attempt to meet the needs of children. The text also serves as a commentary on existing social systems, while providing supplemental material for study in education, special education, social services, and other related fields.


“The interesting juxtaposition of case histories in this insightful and heart-warming book is indicative of the creative writing style and thinking patterns of Dr. England. He has effectively woven provocative case studies into the pedagogy of working with at-risk students in today’s educational environment. . . From a multiplicity of perceptions and vantage points, the author guides us through a series of examples of at-risk students, which help us connect theory to practice. Dr. England also provides a cogent overview relative to the formative years of child growth and development. The reader will be impressed with the role and responsibilities the author emphasizes for the primary care giver. Examples are included to help the reader vicariously experience and understand the theoretical concepts presented. And the comprehensive references allow the reader numerous resources to pursue relative to many specific questions, which may arise.” – from the Foreword by Dr. Arthur E. Garner

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. The Displaced Child
2. The Environment
3. The Effects of Instability
4. Social Systems as Enablers
5. The Climate for Change

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