Preventions and Treatments of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. A Socio-Epidemological Sourcebook

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This sourcebook emphasizes information and experience by practitioners in the field of substance-abuse prevention and treatment, and addresses the issues from a sociological perspective, rather than focusing on a specific sub-group. Given the nature of concerns from interpersonal to organizational, a variety of methodologies is also useful in gaining better understanding. The book also includes material on substance abuse programs in countries outside the US to broaden the cultural context. This book is intended for a wide audience whose research methodology, interests, and skills vary; therefore chapters are written to aid general readers as well as instructors. For the general reader, chapters are written with a minimum of research jargon and data using a modified case-study method which is highly readable. For researchers and advanced students who wish to pursue greater complexities, data tables and statistical information in more detail are given at the end of the chapter. Most chapters also provide references central to the topic in order to aid further reading.


"This volume offers a readily available resource text for practitioners and educators that provides descriptions of prevention and treatment programs which are aimed at the variety of "at risk" sub groups in the population. It emphasizes information and experience by practitioners in the field of substance-abuse prevention and treatment and addresses the issues from a sociological perspective."

Table of Contents



Section 1: Preventions

A. Introduction, Brenda Forster and Jeffrey Colman Salloway

B. U.S. Substance-Abuse Programs in School-Aged Children and Teens

1. Values Clarification Approaches to Pre-Teen Substance-Use Prevention, Virginia Powers-League
2. The Matrix School Team Approach to Substance-Abuse Prevention, Christine E. Miller
3. A Primary Prevention Program for Teen Alcohol Abuse in a Valley Community, Lennis Echterling, Joan MacAllister French, Mary Lou Wylie, Stephen Gibbons
4. Converting the Converted: Differentials in Adolescent Receptivity to Alcohol Education, Robert Granfield

C. U.S. Alcohol-Abuse Prevention in Adult Populations

5. Alcohol Education and the Media: Some Opportunities for Change, Warren Breed, James R. De Foe, Lawrence Wallack
6. Alcohol-Abuse Prevention in Industrial Settings, Judith A. Lewis

D. International Alcohol-Abuse Prevention

7. Prohibition as a Community-Based Strategy for Prevention of Alcohol Abuse: A Case of a Canadian Inuit Village, John D. O'Neil

E. Summary and Conclusions About Preventions, Brenda Forster and Jeffrey Colman Salloway

Section 2: Treatments

A. Introduction, Brenda Forster and Jeffrey Colman Salloway

B. U.S. Substance-Abuse Treatment for Adolescents


8. Channeling Peer Pressure to Promote Pro-Social Behaviors Among Adolescent Drug Users, Robert I. Coombs, Fawzy I. Fawzy
9. An Educational Intervention Approach to Treatment of Adolescent Drug Abusers, Donald Smarto
10. Treatment Outcome Assessments of Adolescent Clients, Helene Raskin White, Robert J. Pandina, Valerie Johnson, Brenna H. Bry, Patricia E. McKoen

C. U.S. Alcohol-Abuse Treatment for Adult Populations

11. Influence of Attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings on the Recovery from Alcoholism, Evelyn Toch
12. The Employee Assistance Program as a Mechanism for Alleviating the Problems of Employed Alcohol Abusers, Joyce Miller Iutcovich
13. Planning Treatment Programs for Deaf Alcoholics, Alexander Boros

D. U.S. Substance -Abuse Treatment for Adult Populations

14. Women in a Drug Treatment Therapeutic Community, Christine E. Miller
15. Clinical Practices with Chronic Marijuana Smokers, Roger Roffman
16. Cocaine and Crack Abuse: Currently Available Treatment Options, Marlene Nadler-Moodie
17. Substance Abuse in Vietnam Veterans: The Condition and Treatment Issues, Eleanore A. Ryan
18. An Evaluation of a Comprehensive Drug Abuse Treatment Program, Gerry R. Cox, Daniel Richardson

E. International Alcohol-Abuse Treatment

19. Identification and Treatment of the Alcoholic in the Canadian Justice System, Joan A. Bloomfield
20. Changing Drinkers' Attributions Through Therapy, Barry Corenblum
21. Alcoholism in Israel: The Problem and the Treatment, Cila Aviram, Pnina Eldar

F. Summary and Conclusions about Treatments, Brenda Forster

Final Summary and Conclusions, Brenda Forster and Jeffrey Colman Salloway


1. General Matrix of Chapters by Substance Categories, Subject Group, Data Methods and Theory Focus
2. Chapters Classified by Substance Categories
3. Chapters Classified by Subject Group
4. Chapters Classified by Data Method
5. Chapters Classified by Theory Focus

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