Female Gang Participation the Role of African- American Women in the Informal Drug Economy and Gang Activities

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This is the only study that looks at female gang members in a small to medium size urban area, noting the lack of all-female gangs, conflicting views on the equal status of females in gender-mixed groups, continuing to investigate the level at which Black females are involved in the informal economy, and the possible time dimension aspects of Merton's innovator.


" . . . not much has been written about female gang members, certainly nothing this quality. . . . a genuine contribution to the criminological literature on a topic that should be of great interest to the general public." - Ronald C. Kramer

"The study is unique in its theoretical and methodological approaches. She takes great care to situate the current struggles of inner-city black females within the historical experiences of African-American women in the U. S. . . . . Burris-Kitchen, like the anthropologist Carol Stack, had the courage to confront the cultural, racial, class chasm and establish relationships with her informants or co-researchers. In so doing, she is able to present and interpret her data in a more authentic manner. She makes every effort to allow the respondents to have a voice and to interpret responses consistent with the issues identified by her co-researchers. The study is an excellent example of interracial and multicultural research." - Douglas V. Davidson

Table of Contents




List of Tables

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Literature Review: Introduction

Chapter III: The History of Racial and Gender Opression

Chapter IV: The History of Drug Use and Drug Distribution

Chapter V: The History of Black Feminization of Poverty

Chapter VI: The Economy and Crime

Chapter VII: The History of Female Gang Involvement

Chapter VIII: Anomie: Women, Inequality and Innovation

Chapter IX: Research Questions

Chapter X: Methods and Epistemology

Chapter XI: Methods: Logistics

Chapter XII: Findings

Chapter XIII: Conclusion


Semi-Structured Interview Questionnaire
Slang Glossary
Transcribed Interviews



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