Substance Misuse Among Indigenous Peoples of Canada: The Problem of Inhaling Solvents among the Cree and Blackfoot of Alberta

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This study explores the lived experiences of Indigenous peoples who formerly used
solvents and identifies the factors that helped them to stop using. Working from a strengths perspective, this study challenges the how of modern racism in the discourse of the academy and media to develop a compassionate response.


“[The author’s] book is among the few studies investigating the experience of solvent misuse among Indigenous peoples by capturing their stories. . .” -Prof. Cindy Blackstock, University of Alberta

“. . . [the author] weaves an account of her own experiences inside the research process – a process that changed her life and her own understandings.” -Prof. Alanaise Goodwin, Brandon University

"The importance of this book is its emphasis on a strengths perspective in working with indigenous peoples and communities and the emphasis on a person in environment (PIE) perspective which looks at the individual from a wider, more holistic and societal perspective...Her aim is to give professionals the tools to work with indigenous peoples in a respectful and empowering way."
Associate Professor Jeanette King,
Aotahi: School of Maori and Indigenous Studies,
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Table of Contents

Preface by Cindy Blackstock


Chapter 1: Writing about the Literature

Chapter 2: The Power of Words

Chapter 3: Compassion: Reading the Academy and the Media

Chapter 4: Doing the Research

Chapter 5: Laying out the Research Processs

Chapter 6: Conversations

Chapter 7: Understandings for Social Work




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