Trute, Barry

Ecological Perspective in Family-Centered Therapy
1993 0-7734-9362-X
This book presents a combination of salient theoretical concepts, with closely related examples of practice themes in family health services. A major emphasis is its focus on family strengths and how these can be utilized. From an ecological perspective, this text emphasizes the uses of a multi-resource base. Eleven chapters provide a wide array of options for strategies of change. The flexibility and creativity of alternate routes to family change are a unique characteristic of this text. The presentation of a number of interventions with families from an ecological perspective is of interest to educators, professionals, and students involved in the teaching and practice of family therapy offered by departments including nursing, psychiatry, psychology, and social work.

Price: $239.95

Human Service Information Systems How to Design and Implement Them
1985 0-88946-128-7
A guide to the creation of automated information systems in human service settings.

Price: $179.95

Mental Health Information Systems
1983 0-88946-125-2
Contains 15 original essays which examine current knowledge and issues related to the development of meaningful, cost-effective mental health information systems. Examines four exemplary systems operating in North America.

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