Promoting Professionalism in Exercise Physiology: Vision, Challenges and Opportunities

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A new visionary study to help academics recognize exercise physiology as a legitimate healthcare profession. This work explores the concept that the quality of the scientific training necessary to achieve the prescribed exercise medicine, that promotes healthier lifestyles, is as relevant to society as is nursing or physical therapy. It offers a break from past ways of thinking about exercise physiology and introduces ways to implement the steps
necessary to standardize it’s professionalization in order to help it become a nationally recognized healthcare profession.


“This book is an effort to bring the students of exercise physiology to the forefront of healthcare and exercise medicine…Dr. Boone points out more than once that it is imperative to know where you are headed if you want to be successful. This is a timely topic… The challenge is to learn from the successful healthcare professionals and to adapt their experiences… By learning from the work practice of others, academic departments can contribute to the 21st century view that it is important to partner with physicians and other established healthcare professionals… Just as it is necessary to engage in healthy, preventive practices to live a longer life and a healthier old age…”
-Shane Paulson, MS, EPC,
CEO, PhysioLogic Human Performance Systems

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface/Acknowledgments/Introduction
Chapter 1: The ASEP Vision For Exercise Physiology
What is Your vision
Life is Interesting
Power of a Vision
Destiny Demands Diligence
Final Thoughts
Chapter 2: The Need For New Thinking
The Role of Fear in Change
Looking to the Future
Final Thoughts
Chapter 3: What is Professionalism?
Professionalism and Change
The ASEP Organization
A Philosophy of Exercise Physiology
Final Thoughts
Chapter 4: Professional Development
Failure to Think as Healthcare Professionals
Moral Responsibility of College Teachers
ASEP = Nurturing and Caring
The Growth of a Profession
Faculty Development
Final Thoughts
Chapter 5: The Big Picture
Breaking Free from Traditional Thinking
Failure to See the Big Picture
Thinking as a Business Owner
The Profession of Exercise Physiology
Again Baby Boomers
Prescribing Exercise Safely
Final Thoughts
Chapter 6: The ASEP Organization and Entrepreneurship
Achieving Transformation
Change is Possible with New Thinking
Final Thoughts
Chapter 7: Parting With The Past
Breaking Off from the Past
Making a Difference
Change is Inevitable
Final Thoughts
Chapter 8: A Sacred Profession
Exercise Physiology and Medicine
Final Thoughts
Chapter 9: the Physiology Of Exercise Medicine
CPX Testing
Exercise Medicine
Final Thoughts
Chapter 10: Keep On Standing Firm
A Vision of Something Different
Knowledge is Good, But Not Enough!
Why Not Work Together?
Final Thoughts
Epilogue / References/Index

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