Basic Issues in Sports Ethics: The Many Ways of Cheating

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This book argues that cheating not only destroys the integrity of sports, it destroys the integrity of the athlete and everyone who either supports cheating or allows it to happen. Majors topics such as “athletics is over the edge,”“performance-enhancing substances,”“victory with honor,”“negative impact of marketers,” and “accountability” are discussed in reference to the “cheat pushers” who must not be allowed access to those who love athletics.


“. . . a highly relevant book that should help coaches and athletes understand the need for leadership in athletics. It should also be helpful for a generation of students, exercise physiologists, and everyone else anxious to think, talk, and write about sports. And even though athletes are prone to use sports supplements, it is important that board certified exercise physiologists state their case against such use. Of course it wise to realize that even with the best of intentions, it will not be easy to change the views of every athlete, coach, trainer, or exercise physiologist with a sports nutrition interest.” –Prof. Hal Strough, The College of St. Scholastica

“Dr. Tommy Boone reiterates in this book, the reason for sports competition is not all about winning at the cost of fairness, honesty, integrity, character, and honor due to cheating. It is to remember that sports should be done with a child’s heart, for the •fun of doing it and for the physical, mental, social and moral benefits it provides. If we as parents and coaches do not get a foothold on the affirmative character and moral values of sports, the athlete will fail the test of the hero and athletic competition will mean nothing.” – Steve Brock, Ph.D., Exercise Physiologist

Table of Contents

Foreword by Marcos A Sanchez-Gonzalez, MD, EPC
Preface by Hal Strough, PhD, ATC
1. Athletics Is Over the Edge
2. Cheaters Render Sports Meaningless
3. Using Performance-Enhancing Substances
4. Is Sports Nutrition For Sale?
5. Change Is A Process
6. True Victory Is Achieved With Honor
7. Cost of Commercializing Sports Nutrition
8. Sports Nutrition in 2020
9. Negative Impact of Marketers
10. Anatomy of Explicit Behaviors
11. The Pursuit of Accountability
12. Becoming a Leader in Athletics
Epilogue: The Athletic Cheat Pushers

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