Exercise Physiology as a Career

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This book is designed to be a guide and sourcebook for persons considering exercise physiology as a career. This handbook contains 20 chapters, divided into five parts: (1) Introduction; (2) Exercise Physiology; (3) Professionalism; (4) Healthcare Professionals; and (5) The Exercise Physiology Niche. The book contains a wealth of information on the various aspects of the field, including helpful definitions of exercise physiology, what courses one should take in high school, which colleges and universities offer specialized programs in exercise physiology and the specific courses required, the kinds of employment opportunities in the field, how to look for a job, the salary range, the accrediting process, and much more. First-person comments by graduates from The College of St. Scholastica, who shared their professional experiences following graduation, provide a valuable viewpoint.


“This book is intended to help high school and lower-division undergraduates to make career, educational, and professional choices. It is designed to help students evaluate career opportunities in exercise physiology ... This book not only brings to the forefront important career opportunities in exercise physiology, it also addresses important changes within the profession. If you are interested in exercise physiology, I strongly urge you to consider the healthcare and athletic opportunities raised by Dr. Boone.” – Matthew Lehn, MBA, EPC, Past President, American Society of Exercise Physiologists

“ ... The time has come to expect that students who major in exercise physiology will graduate from an accredited program of study. The graduates will be held accountable to a code of ethics and standards of professional practice. I urge everyone who has an interest in health, fitness, rehabilitation, and athletics to read this book. Your efforts will result in a better understanding of career opportunities in the profession of exercise physiology.” – Professor David K. Spierer, Long Island University

Table of Contents

Preface by Matthew Lehn
Foreword by David K. Spierer

Part One – Introduction
1. Welcome to the World of Exercise Physiology
2. This Book is for YOU: More Help!
3. Counselors, Exercise Physiologists, and Others
4. So You Want to be an Exercise Physiologist

Part Two – Exercise Physiology
5. What is Exercise Physiology?
6. What are the Career Opportunities?
7. Attributes, Skills, and Profiles of Exercise Physiologists 8. Salaries, Benefits, Perks, and Jobs

Part Three – Professionalism
9. Fundamentals of Professionalism
10. Exercise Physiology Body of Knowledge
11. Exercise Physiology Research
12. Accredited Exercise Physiology Programs

Part Four – Healthcare Professionals
13. Exercise Physiologists as Professionals
14. Exercise Physiologists as Healthcare Professionals
15. Exercise Physiologists as College Teachers
16. Ethical Issues in Exercise Physiology

Part Five – The Exercise Physiology Niche
17. Understanding Healthcare
18. The Exercise Physiology Healthcare Clinic
19. The Entrepreneurship of Exercise Physiology
20. New Partnerships

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