Use of Herbal Remedies in Two Haitian Communities and Implications for Health-Care Providers Worldwide

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“This book will be of valuable interest to health care researchers, academics, sociologists, mental care professionals and the medical practitioner because it goes further than just presenting yet ‘another’ study of herbal medicine. By including economic issues with the debate, the serious approach that the author takes is one that is original and penetrating. It is a long overdue scholarly work.” – Dr. Akel Ismail Kahera

“The approach is systematic and addresses herbal medicine at different levels: individual, community and governmental. Although it is almost impossible to separate other aspects of the cultural art of healing within the Haitian community, this is a laudable and extensive attempt to address alternative medicine as it pertains to the use of herbs and as it interfaces with the western prescription drugs approach. . . . concludes with pertinent suggestions and recommendations that any public health professional will find relevant in program planning and development in relation with immigrant populations in general and Haitian immigrants in particular. . . . I recommend this study to all employees of social service agencies, and everyone involved in one way or another in the social and environmental approach to health with immigrant communities.” – Dr. Guy Appolon

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