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Study of how the field of genetics has influenced legal thinking and judicial decisions in the United States, what legal problems can arise in dealing with advances in the science of genetics, and how the courts come to accept or reject new findings in that science.


". . . strives to give a comprehensive perspective. . . . By heavily relying on case excerpts, Butzel vividly illustrates the changes that are occurring in both the law and science. . . . a valuable contribution to the sparse literature on law and biomedical technology." - John B. Attanasio in New York University Law Review

"This book would be very useful to students of politics and the life sciences, especially to those not preparing for the legal profession. It provides an analysis and comparison of cases and issues that only with much time and effort could be extracted from most case books, or from the court reports. . . . The book is a substantial contribution to the study of politics and the life sciences if for no other reason than the convenience it affords and the large number of legal issues that it covers." - Lynton K. Caldwell in Politics and the Life Sciences

". . . offers an impressive array of descriptions of cases in which principles of genetics appeared as factors [and] offers a number of explanations for those genetic principles and their application to the respective cases. . . . [T]he book's foremost achievement is in detailing the sheer number of ways in which principles of genetics have become elements in litigation in our society." - W. Robert Gump in Politics and the Life Sciences

". . . one of the few such works which can be put to a test immediately in the real world. . . . it passes." - George Steven Swan in Politics and the Life Sciences "The glossary of medical, genetic, and legal terms at the end of the book should be usef

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