Healing in Religion and Society, From Hippocrates to the Puritans

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"The authors see their main contribution as not only considering the religious aspects of healing but also locating their discussion in the broader cultural context of ancient societies, utilising modern socio-anthropological studies of healing and medicine. The essays range from modern debate about the origins of the Hippocratic oath through healing in Greek magical papyri, faith, healing and deliverance in Mark’s Gospel, the patristic reception of a Lukan healing account and healing and the ‘Physician’ in Manichaeism to seventeenth century London Puritan apothecaries as early Christians. The volume is likely to have an interdisciplinary appeal to postgraduates and researchers in ancient society, religion and medicine." Theological Book Review

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface (Stephen G. Wilson)
Introduction (J. Kevin Coyle, Steven C. Muir)
The Hippocratic Oath: Edelstein Revisited (Pierre M. Bellemare):
Part I: Edelstein’s theory on the Pythagorean origin of the Oath; rules concerning poison and abortifacients alternative explanations; the Pythagorean hypothesis other evidence;
Part II: The Hippocratic Oath in pre-Christian antiquity; Testimonies on the Oath itself; Medical practice evidence of a general nature; Medical practice evidence of an anecdotal nature; the Hippocratic oath its origin and use; bibliography
This Bubbling Brew: Healing in the Greek Magical Papyri (Sandra Walker-Ramisch)
The Character of the Greek Magical Papyri; the Weltanschauung of this Bubbling Brew; Conclusion; Bibliography
Faith, Healing, and Deliverance in Mark’s Gospel (Steven C. Muir)
Being saved and faith in the Markan Gospel; The healing of Bartimaeus; Other healing accounts; Other references to saving and faith; Persecution and the setting of the Markan Gospel; Other issues in Mark’s Gospel; conclusion; bibliography
Patristic reception of a Lukan healing account: a contribution to a socio-rhetorical response to Willi Braun’s Feasting and Social Rhetoric in Luke 14 (L. Gregory Bloomquist)
Socio-rhetorical analysis of Luke 14:1-24 after Braun; The patristic reception of the healing account; Commentary on Luke 14 prior to Augustine; Questions arising from the expanded study; bibliography
Healing and the Physician in Manichaeism (J. Kevin Coyle)
The notion of healing in Manichaeism; Healing and sickness; BeDuhn’s thesis; Medical discourse and the body; the physician title in Manichaeism; Celestial physicians; Elect and hearers; Mani the physician; bibliography
London apothecaries as early Christians: renewing the covenant (Louis G. Kelly)
Physicians, apothecaries, and healers; Christians, apothecaries, and healing; superstitio and godly atheism; god, knowledge and the Devil; Light and understanding; Love to poor people; conclusion, bibliography
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