Pope Francis Is the First Jesuit Pope: Explaining How Francis' Religious Formation Guides His Leadership of the Catholic Church

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"Pope Francis Encounters an opposition entirely different from his predecessors. This resistance is particularly striking in the United States. ...A simple somewhat unacknowledged factor that triggers conflicts with Pope Francis is that he is a Pope who thinks like a Jesuit." Fr. Tom Krettek ("Introduction")

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Thinking Like a Jesuit: Peter Faber--His favorite Jesuit
III. Thinking Like a Jesuit: The Concrete Individual Before the Universal Concept
IV. Thinking Like a Jesuit: The Spiritual Exercises and Discernment
V. Thinking Like a Jesuit: The Constitutions
VI. The Pre-Modern Post-Modern Pope
VII. Francis and Friedrich: Our "Today"
VIII. A Concrete Universal: Etty Hillesum
IX. The Exercises in Etty's Experience
X. Pope Francis: Holding the Tensions--coincidentia oppositorum

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