Ohman Nielsen, May-Brith

May-Brith Ohman Nielsen is Professor of History at Agder University, Norway, and Professor of History Education at Karlstad University, Sweden. Her Dr. Philos. Degree with the thesis Soil and Words is from Bergen University, Norway. May-Brith Ohman Nielsen is editor of the Scandinavian Journal of History and was 2010-2013 head of the committee for humanities, FRIHUM, at the Norwegian Research Council. She is a member of the Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Her main areas of research are: Medical history and history of epidemics and health; the history of Norway 1815-2011;Ideology, politics and mass movements 1860-1960; Nazism, right-wing extremism and World War II history; history of landscapes, gardening and architecture; cultural history of poison and pesticides; history education, story- telling and popular history; history and social memory in culture and conflicts; historiography, historical theory and method.

Historiographical Inquiry Into the Theoretical and Methodological Implications of Borders in the Studies of Great Epidemics: Bugs and Borders
2015 1-4955-0314-3
The present study explores the complex relations between some significant historical phenomena, the great epidemics of modern times, and the way historians and other scholars have designed and conducted their study of those phenomena. It examines the historical research on big international epidemics of infectious diseases between 1830 and 1960 utilizing public health records, anthologies and monographs in multiple languages from 255 source publications in 27 countries

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