Evolutionary Epidemiology of Mania and Depression

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This book lays the essential groundwork for the sub-discipline of evolutionary epidemiology as a theoretical and empirical science. The authors present an elaborate yet elegant model of neuromental evolution that not only moves evolutionary psychology beyond its present inattention to either brains or genes but also operationally defines the normal limits of human sociality.


“The authors are uniquely qualified to present the most current scientific research and thinking on this critical syndrome. ... The book presents, not only the most recent research on this vital topic, but also introduces an innovative and powerful new conceptual framework applicable to broader issues of psychiatry, health, and society.” - Farid Dalili, Ed.D, President & CEO, Red Flags Help, California

“This book, by Daniel R. Wilson and Gerald A. Cory, Jr., ... deserves the widest readership. ... I highly recommend it.” - Dr. Stephen Dell, M.D.

“The authors of this ground-breaking synthesis have integrated this vast array of seemingly diverse group in a well articulated systematic approach to one of the most thought provoking, complex, and controversial issues of our time. Their work expands our knowledge on the past, present, and future of possible definitions of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments to improve the quality of life.” - Donald W. Bradley, Ph.D., DAPA, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Northwestern Polytechnic University

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
PART ONE - The Evolutionary Framework of Health and Normality
2 The Evolution of Human Sociality
3 The Normal Limits of Sociality
4 Normality, Psychopathology and Beyond
PART TWO - The Evolutionary Legacy of Neuropsychiatric Epidemiology
5 Classical Genetics of Mania and Depression
6 Population and Quantitative Genetics of Mania and Depression
7 Molecular Genetics of Mania and Depression
8 Evolutionary Epidemiology: The Sickle Cell Anemia Paradigm
9 Evolutionary Epidemiology “Excess” Prevalence of Bipolar Disorder
PART THREE - Bipolar Disorder and Other Neuropsychiatric Syndromes
10 Toward an Evolutionary Anthropology of Bipolar “Disorder”
11 Game Theory and Bipolar Disorder
12 The Basic Sociobiology of Bipolar Neuromentality
13 Toward an Evolutionary Epidemiology of the Neurotransmission of Social Rank and Alliance
14 The Bipolar Spectrum and Neuropathologies of Talent
15 Evolutionary Epidemiology: A Brief Review of Other Neuropsychiatric Syndromes and Related Issues
PART FOUR - Conclusion
16 Conclusion: Between Optimism and Caution
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Subject Index

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