DiPietro, Joseph

About the author: Having been engaged in health technology's practice and education for near three decades, Dr. DiPietro has engaged this treatise from a learner's perspective. Dr. DiPietro received his PhD from LaSalle University. He is currently Professor and Director, Respiratory Care, Entry-Level, Advanced Practitioner Programs and Polysomnography Programs at Southwest Viriginia Community College, and Co-Director, Health Technology's Education.

Primer for Health Care, Health Education, and All Disciplines Amidst Change
1999 0-7734-7958-9
This is a book of problem solving and resolution. This volume contends that the linkage between Master Craftsmanship, Core Curricula and Multiskilling phenomena is incredibly strong. Although the research in this volume is focused on health technology's learners, the work itself is applicable in most other venues including education, business, and industry. The work is unique in that it focuses on learner performance, and under what circumstances academically do they perform well. I presents a new paradigm: the Paradigm of Timeliness for improving the appropriate education at the right place and time to improve outcome.

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