Subject Area: Political Science

A Christian Foreign Policy: New Ways to Think About the Problem
 Herrick, Rick
2019 1-4955-0785-8 104 pages
Dr. Rick Herrick's work reconsiders foreign policy from the perspective of Christianity. It considers all the issues concerned with foreign policy through a religious frame of reference.

Price: $119.95

A Christian Foreign Policy: New Ways to Think About the Problem (Softcover)
 Herrick, Rick
2020 1-4955-0786-6 104 pages
Dr. Rick Herrick's work reconsiders foreign policy from the perspective of Christianity. It considers all the issues concerned with foreign policy through a religious frame of reference.

Price: $29.95

A New Explanation of the Holocaust: The Hitler/Trump Analogy (soft cover)
 Richardson, Herbert W.
2019 1-4955-0745-9 72 pages
This book considers the comparison of 1930s Germany and modern day America. It is only published in softcover.

Price: $14.95

A Political Glossary of Guyana: Institutions, Laws, Parties, Politics, et. al
 Westmaas, Nigel
2021 1-4955-0862-5 538 pages
Dr. Nigel Westmaas compiled this collection of the important terms, laws, and information on the political life of Guyana. It is the first time this information has been compiled for future research.

Price: $299.95

African Search for Stable Forms of Statehood: Essays in Political Criticism
 Nasong'o, Shadrack Wanjala
2008 0-7734-5237-0 436 pages
This study explores and the shifting modes of politics in nine African countries as manifested in transitions from colonialism to political independence. Utilizing various theoretical approaches, the work interrogates the conjecture of change and continuity with a view to evaluating the depth of political reform, its impact and prospects.

Price: $259.95

An Essay on the Rise and Fall of Nations: A Philosophy of Nations
 Davies, Daniel M.
2021 1-4955-0850-1 228 pages
Dr. Davies considers the philosophical and spiritual nature of the creation of and eventual fall of nations. This essay looks at the centuries to create a philosophical model of nation creation and what leads to its fall.

Price: $179.95

Constitutions of the American States Before the American Constitutional Convention (1789) : The Original Texts, with Notes
 Ulloth, Dana
2020 1-4955-0820-X 556 pages
Dr. Dana Ulloth reproduces the colonial constitutions of the original thirteen colonies, plus Vermont. The book includes the text of the constitutions, and notes on the details of the constitutions, the creation of them, and interesting quirks of them. It is intended to be a resource to watch the

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Critical Responses to the Nobel Prize in Literature: An Analysis of 22 Awards, 2000-2021
 Agerup, Karl
2022 1-4955-0958-3 204 pages
From the author's Introduction (pg. 7):
The concept of literary prizes appears simple and inoffensive. A writer has produced outstanding books and is awarded for that achievement. Society shows its appreciation and gratitude, encouraging the writing of more of the same. However, the Nobel Prize in Literature is not looked upon this way. Rather than being merely a literary prize, it is often viewed as an arbitrary exercise of power with far-reaching ethical consequences. Selections instigate nervous, angry, or bitter comments in local, national, and international media. The resentment is directed towards both the laureate and the prize jury, i.e., the Swedish Academy. The Prize is contextualized in various ways, and the criticism concerns human rights issues, national pride, and the collective memory of historical events.

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Istanbul, the Geopolitical Capital of The United States of Europe, Russia, and Asia
 Jacob, Alexander
2019 1-4955-0757-2 80 pages
This short monograph details the ideas of Jean-Francois Thiriart, (1922-92), and his political theory concerning the post-Cold War world. Jean-Francois Thiriart argued that Istanbul would be ideal capital of this secondary Euro-Asian superstate. The introduction is written by Dr. Alexander Jacob.

Price: $79.95

Politicizing The Historical Scholarship on Thomas Jefferson: The Memoirs of an Outsider
 Holowchak, Mark Andrew
2022 1-4955-0921-4 172 pages
From the author's Introduction (pg.3): "My memoirs, however, are more than a casual romp down Memory Lane. They are a commentary on the ills, even evils, of politicizing history by the network of revisionists at and around Monticello. What pertains to Jeffersonian scholarship pertains to all scholars involved in American history. Many today have gamified the task of writing American history and the result has been a discretionary interpretation of the life and mind of key figures like Thomas Jefferson and key events like the American Revolution. Any country that cares nothing about the truth of its past cannot have much of a future."

Price: $159.95

Robert Bellah's Theory of American Civil Religion: The Scholarly Criticism and Debate (Softcover)
 Richey, Russell E.
2021 1-4955-0711-4 278 pages
This book contains the collection of papers from the 1973 Drew University conference that made famous Robert Bellah's concept of "American Civil Religion."

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Role of Language, Literature and Culture in Nation Building: Essays in the Construction of Political Reality, Edited by Sandip Sarkar, Shashikanta Tarai, and Anoop Kumar Tiwari
 Sarkar, Sandip
2021 1-4955-0891-9 354 pages
Edited by Sandip Sarkar, Shashikanta Tarai, and Anoop Kumar Tiwari

From the Introduction (pg. 1):
This editorial volume offers an interdisciplinary approach of conceptualizing thematic-theoretical notions covering the cross-cultural, linguistics and literary roots of nationalism and nation-states.

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The Death of America: How Wealth Disparity, Race Conflict, Immigration, Welfare, Fake Education, and Climate Change have Ruined the United States (soft cover)
 Itzkoff, Seymour
2022 1-4955-0964-8 268 pages
This paperback edition is a retitled re-issue of a 2009 volume:
The End of Economic Growth: What Does It Mean for American Society?
by Seymour Itzkoff

Price: $39.95

The Geopolitical Unification of of Europe, Russia and Central Asia: Creating a Unitary Transcontinental Multinational State
 Jacob, Alexander
2019 1-4955-0756-4 72 pages
This short monograph details the ideas of Jean-Francois Thiriart, (1922-92), and his political theory concerning the post-Cold War world. Jean-Francois Thiriart argued that the creation of unitary state containing Europe, Russia, and Central Asia would be a second player in competition with the United States. The introduction is written by Dr. Alexander Jacob.

Price: $79.95

The Praxis of Inequality: A Study of Three Ancient Agricultural Societies (Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia)
 Inbody, Joel
2022 1-4955-0974-5 256 pages
From the Introduction (pg. 9):
"In this book I have made an effort to reconstruct what inequality looked like in three ancient agricultural societies: the kingdoms of Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt. The inequality I consider in these societies was not defined in terms of gold, silver, or property, but in terms of a person's diet and command of excess food and drink. In simple terms, I will argue that elites in these agricultural societies enjoyed an upper-class lifestyle because they served food and drink offerings to gods. Those offerings were produced primarily by non-elites, who believed gods dined on them But the truth is that elites divided food and drink offerings among themselves. Religion disguised the fact that feasting rituals for gods amounted to a redistribution of resources."

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The Tunisian Transition, 2011-2014: How an Islamist Party Helped Save Democracy
 Lang, Johannes
2022 1-4955-0957-5 174 pages
From the Introduction:
"As coups go, this was a very quiet one. On July 25, 2021, Tunisian President Kais Saied spoke to the Tunisian people in what sounded like a legal lecture rather than a rousing speech. In his signature monotone cadence and archaic manner of speech, the former constitutional law professor announced his intention to dismiss the prime minister and rule by executive decree. Parliament was suspended until December 2022. Saied's government revoked the immunity of Tunisia's lawmakers, placed various officials under house arrest, and ordered the arrest of ex-president Moncef Marzouki. As jubilant Tunisians gathered to celebrate the president's decisive action, others mourned what seemed like the beginning of the end of the only remaining democracy to have emerged from the Arab Spring." (Pg. 1)

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Women and Politics in Japan and Korea
 Shin, Youngtae
2004 0-7734-6374-7 208 pages
This book is about the role of women in Korean and Japanese politics over the past century. It is exceedingly rare to have a comparative analysis of politics in Japan and the Republic of Korea, which gives this book a special status. At the same time these are countries with remarkably low levels of political participation by women, so it is very important to have an analysis of the reasons for this outcome. In the 1970s women accounted for less than two percent of legislative representatives in Japan, and less than one percent in Korea; today women constitute about seven percent of the members in each legislature, but these levels are still comparatively low in the developed world: about forty-three percent of Sweden’s legislators are women, and women constitute more than 30 percent of Germany’s Bundestag; the level in the U.S. Congress is about thirteen per cent.

The explanation for this phenomenon is by no means simple, and the author traverses a complex argument beginning with the “late” industrialization of both countries, followed by long periods of military rule and excesses of nationalism in both that until relatively recently subordinated women to state-sponsored goals of rapid development and national unity, to the situation today where, at least in Korea, the role of women in politics is growing rapidly. Her account is based on numerous interviews in Korea and Japan, a deft use of public opinion polls, and a wide comparative reading in the literature on the history and politics of both countries. After examining a host of theoretical and conceptual approaches to understanding the role of women in politics, she combines an historical analysis with an examination of patriarchal culture in Japan and Korea, and then scrutinizes the way in which the two respective political systems have both formal and informal mechanisms that militate against women’s participation. Furthermore at many points in the text she makes comparative judgments concerning women’s participation in Europe and the United States.

Both Korean and Japanese history in the early 20th century were marked by women who fought multiple battles on several fronts: to get any recognition at all outside the demands of the home, to fight discrimination against any woman who would dare challenge the suffocating society-wide support for family-based patriarchy, to suffer ostracism for joining socialist groups (which tended to more open to women) or for living lives independent of men (for which they were labeled promiscuous and even a threat to national unity). Ichikawa Fusae, the founder of Japan’s Women’s Suffrage League in 1924, suffered much ridicule from the society for decades, only to be forced into supporting Japan’s wars in Asia. Korea was then a colony, not a nation, but from the early point of the massive March First Movement in 1919 right down to the present, when thousands of civic groups and NGOs co-exist in Korea’s strong civil society, women have often been the leaders of protests. This sharp contrast with Japan makes for one of the most interesting aspects of this book.

Her discussion of how the postwar Japanese political system excludes women (without necessarily intending to do so) is also particularly illuminating. The Liberal Democratic Party, in power continuously since 1955 (with one brief interruption in 1993), is made up of factions which resemble one-man political machines or groups, with strong ties of patronage and favoritism in the local areas. These virtually all-male informal networks of patron-client ties, reinforced by male bonding rituals in drinking houses all over Japan, represent a formidable barrier to the entry of women into political careers. Even civic and grass-roots organizations seeking progressive goals tend to be run by men in Japan.

On the other hand, the largest number of women representatives in the history of the Republic of Korea is seen under the system of the Revitalization Congress. However, given the nature of the Congress at the time, one can hardly say their representation had much to do with the peoples’ will. Ironically though, the long history of the dictatorial military regimes gave Korean women the opportunity to hear their own political voices, and through their participations in anti-dictatorial protest movements they gained political experiences necessary to engage in politics in the future. She interviewed and observed many women involved in grassroots political organizing; their future seems to be a comparatively bright one compared to women in Japan, who still have not found a route to significant participation in the world’s second-largest economy.

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Yugoslav Worker Emigration, 1963-1973
 Goodlett, David E.
2007 0-7734-5398-9 208 pages
This study examines the Yugoslav government’s policy on the rapidly escalating Yugoslav worker emigration from 1963-1973 through the coverage of that emigration in the major Yugoslav news media during these same years. Because the Yugoslav press contained a degree of contrasting opinion that was high relative to other Communist states during the same period, while at the same time allowing no questioning of settled policy, its coverage of this subject provides a useful window into the shifting attitudes toward worker emigration of the government and especially of President Tito. Using as sources the major Yugoslav newspapers and other periodicals, as well as dispatches from Tanjug, the Yugoslav government’s official news agency, and translations of radio broadcasts, the picture comes clearly into focus of a government struggling to manage the effects of this exodus, but unable to affect the outflow in a substantive way because it was unavoidable given the external labor markets and the policy of self-management itself.

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