Holowchak, Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew Holowchak is the Editor of The Journal of Thomas Jefferson and His Time. He is retired as Professor of Philosophy and the History of Science, University of Pittsburgh.

Did Thomas Jefferson Really Father Sally Heming's Black Children? A Scholarly Analysis of the Historical and Genetic Evidence
2021 1-4955-0888-9
This book, thus, is a systematic, philosophy-of-science examination of the Strong Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis (HTJS) by rigorous analysis of all the pro-paternity evidence and of all of the anti-pro-paternity evidence. I evaluate every scrap of material and historical evidence pro and con the Strong Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis and designate the arguments of which they function as premises as very weak (W), weak (w), neither weak nor strong (w/s), strong (s), or very strong (S).

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Did Thomas Jefferson Really Father Sally Heming's Black Children? A Scholarly Analysis of the Historical and Genetic Evidence (Softcover)
2021 1-4955-0889-7

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2010 0-7734-3825-4
This collection of essays philosophically examines strength, considered in its brute, physical sense. This is the only book of its kind solely dedicated to physical strength. Each contributor has expertise in strength sports, three at the world-class level, or in an area of philosophy of sport, related to strength.

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Politicizing The Historical Scholarship on Thomas Jefferson: The Memoirs of an Outsider
2022 1-4955-0921-4
From the author's Introduction (pg.3): "My memoirs, however, are more than a casual romp down Memory Lane. They are a commentary on the ills, even evils, of politicizing history by the network of revisionists at and around Monticello. What pertains to Jeffersonian scholarship pertains to all scholars involved in American history. Many today have gamified the task of writing American history and the result has been a discretionary interpretation of the life and mind of key figures like Thomas Jefferson and key events like the American Revolution. Any country that cares nothing about the truth of its past cannot have much of a future."

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Thomas Jefferson on Gardens, Poetry, and Music
2022 1-4955-1000-X
From the editor's introduction: "Following a scheme of Francis Bacon, Jefferson cataloged the books in his library according to Memory (History), Reason (Philosophy), and Imagination (Fine Arts). Study in all three areas was needed for an intelligent, fully educated person. ...Acknowledging that there was no consensus on the number of Fine Arts, Jefferson included among them gardening, architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry, oratory, and criticism--with music, poetry, and oratory having further subcategories. This edition...is a critical investigation of the Fine Arts through the eyes of Jefferson and other significant figures of his day: James Macpherson and Lord Kames." M. Andrew Holowchak

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