Did Thomas Jefferson Really Father Sally Heming's Black Children? A Scholarly Analysis of the Historical and Genetic Evidence (Softcover)

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"When one examines systematically and scientifically a summary of, arguments for Strong Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis (or even HTJW) and arguments against Strong Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis —and that is how this book differs from other books arguing against Jefferson’s paternity—one sees clearly that the case for pro-paternity thesis is frangible. There is too little evidence for it and that evidence is flimsy, and there are four key eyewitness testimonies either against it or that suggest caution."
From the Preface

Table of Contents


1. The Thomas Jefferson Narrative of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation

2. The Argument for the Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis

3. The Argument against the Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis

4. Analysis of the Argument for the Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis

5. Analysis of the Argument against the Thomas Jefferson Hypothesis

6. The Thomas Jefferson Narrative: A Genealogy

7. Beyond Genealogy: Jeffersonian History as Veridical Narrative

Addendum: New DNA Research Sheds Light on Madison Hemings’ Real Father, and He Is not Thomas Jefferson

Appendix: Summary of Pro and Con Arguments

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