Politicizing The Historical Scholarship on Thomas Jefferson: The Memoirs of an Outsider

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From the author's Introduction (pg.3): "My memoirs, however, are more than a casual romp down Memory Lane. They are a commentary on the ills, even evils, of politicizing history by the network of revisionists at and around Monticello. What pertains to Jeffersonian scholarship pertains to all scholars involved in American history. Many today have gamified the task of writing American history and the result has been a discretionary interpretation of the life and mind of key figures like Thomas Jefferson and key events like the American Revolution. Any country that cares nothing about the truth of its past cannot have much of a future."

Table of Contents

One: Whence My Interest in Thomas Jefferson
Two: A Watershed in My Scholarly Career
Three: A Faustian Turn
Four: The Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and a Trilogy of Books
Five: The Problem of Venues of Publication
Six: The Journal of Thomas Jefferson's Life and Times
Seven: Partnership with Cambridge Scholars Press
Eight: Sally Hemings' Room
Nine: "The Manifesto of 2018"
Ten: Finally, A Letter of Rejection from UVa Press
Eleven: Historiography Today
Twelve: Cleaning the Augean Stables

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