Historical Dictionary of Political Parties in the Middle East and North Africa

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This book discusses political parties operating in the various states and regions in the Middle East and North Africa. It examines ideologies, leadership, as well as the unification and or disintegration of parties, and their development and influence on society and the state.


“This book discusses a variety of important issues concerning the development of the party system, the political and voting behavior in the region’s states in the last two hundred years. [it] is very topical and especially important on the background of changes which took place in the states of the Middle East and North Africa in the last five years. The big advantage of the book is in the wide perspective view of politics in the Middle East and North Africa in general and the internal politics of the states in particular.”
-Dr. Ronnen Itzhak,
Head of Middle Eastern Studies,
Western Galilee College, Israel

“This book is rich with knowledge in details about the political parties and their leaders. It discusses the connection between the party and ideology like: socialism, communism, conservatism, nationalism, gender and Islam. It presents the history and development of the political parties, discusses central processes and changes which took place in the various parties. The book examined issues concerning the status of the party in the Middle Eastern and North African state, whilst distinguishing between Arab states like the Gulf States, Egypt and non-Arab states like Iran, Turkey and Israel.”
-Dr. Gal Ben-Ishai,
Department of Arabic,
Bar-Ilan University, Israel

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