Relations Between the Bedouins and the Jewish Settlement in Palestine During the British Mandate (1918-1948)

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A ground breaking definitive history highlighting the fascinating relationship of the Bedouins’ coexistence with Jewish Zionists during the British mandate years 1918-1948.


“…this book is an eye-opening and compelling examination of the coexistence analyzing Bedouins’ disputes with Jewish Zionists over land purchases…and difficult challenges in bridging the cultural differences. Dr. Suwaed has utilized that data skillfully to flesh out and provide human dimensions to the written primary source material…
-Professor Michael M. Laskier,
Department of Middle Eastern Studies,
Bar-Ilan University

“…the work is a compelling examination of issues around coexistence; a theme that explores the Bedouins’ disputes with Jewish Zionists over land purchases, and the diverse and difficult challenges in bridging cultural difference. It is a very accessible piece, and the data from Dr. Suwaed’s personal interviews (alongside other oral testimonies) will be invaluable as he employs data skillfully, in conjunction with primary source material.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

“…this book is an important contribution to academic research on the Bedouin in general and on Israel in particular…[it] reviews the relationship between Bedouins and Jews in Palestine…[that] does not appear in other academic books.”
-Dr. Ronen Yitzhak,
Western Galilee College

“This book discusses relations between the Bedouins and Jews in Palestine in the period of the British mandate in the years 1918-1948…Although many books and studies were written on the Bedouins maybe this is the best book I have read on the Bedouins… which is based on original material used for the first time.”
-Dr. Ephraim Kahana,
Western Galilee College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Michael M. Laskier
List of Maps
A. The Bedouin Immigration to Palestine
B. Statistical Data and the Distribution of Tribes
Chapter One: The Bedouins and Jews
A. Characteristic Lines for Relations
B. The Relations Between the Bedouins and the Jewish Population Until 1918
Chapter Two: Land Disputes
A. The Root of the Problem
B. The British Policy and its Influence on the Dispute
C. The Arab National Movement and its Influence on the Dispute
Chapter Three: The Region of Dispute From the North of the Country Until Southward
A. Land Disputes in the North of the Country
B. Haifa Bay and the valleys
C. The Northern Sharon and the Coastal Plain
C1. Hadera
C4. Rehovot
Chapter Four: The Wadi El-Hawarith Affair (Emek Hefer)
A. Geographic and Historical background
B. The Purchase of the Lands of the Wadi by the Jewish National Fund
C. The Efforts to Reach an Arrangement
D. The Reaction of the Arab Newspapers
Chapter Five: “The Events” in the Tel-Hai and in the Upper Galilee 1919-1921
A. Introduction
B. Historical and Geographic background
B2. Population of the Upper Galilee
C. The Relations between the Bedouins and the Jews in the Upper Galilee
D. The Events of Tel-Hai: The Campaign and its Lessons
Chapter Six: The Events of 1920-1921 and 1929
A. Conflict and Neutrality in the Events of 1920-1921
B. The Bedouins in the Events of 1929
Chapter Seven: The Arab Revolt 1936-1939
A. The Causes of the Outbreak of the Revolt and its First States
B. The Integration of the Bedouins in the Revolt: From Strike to Terror Activity
C. The Struggle of the British with the Gangs
D. The Second State: The Exacerbation of the Struggle
E. The Organization of the Bedouins and the battles in which they participated
F. The Participation of the Bedouins in the Revolt in the Tribal Faction Chapter Eight: Bedouin-Jewish relations in the Negev from the start of the settlement of the Jews on the land in 1943-1948.
A. The Purchase of Land and Jewish Settlement in the Negev
B. The Jewish-Bedouin Meeting and Mutual Cooperation until November 1947
C. The decision of the U.N. as a turning point in the relationship between the Bedouins and the Jews and the Factors Accompanying this
Chapter Nine: The Bedouins in the War of Independence of Israel (1948)
A. In the Galilee and in the North of the Country
B. In the Sharon and the Coastal Plain
C. In the South of the Country
D. The Influence of the War of Independence on the Fate of the Bedouins in the State of Israel
A. Archive Material
B. Books and Articles
C. Newspapers (Dailies and Weeklies)
D. Personal Interviews:

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