Liu, Leo Y.

About the author: Dr. Leo Y. Liu is presently chairman and professor in the Department of Political Science and Coordinator of the Canadian Justice System Certificate Program at Brandon University, Canada. He was the President of the Canadian Asian Studies Association (CASA) in Canada and Professor at the National Tung Hwa University in Taiwan. Dr. Liu’s publications include China as a Nuclear Power in World Politics (Macmillan, London) and Political Analysis and Methodology (Wu-Nan, Taiwan). He has published numerous articles focusing on Taiwan and Mainland China in such journals as Asian Affairs, Current History, Issues and Studies and Journal for the Third World Studies.

Taiwanese Policy in the Twenty-First Century - Politics and Culture in a Global Context
2004 0-7734-6414-X
This book offers an understanding of the background – both the deep historical background and the more recent political, economic, and cultural background – to the events of the last four years in Taiwan. It also offers an understanding of the unfolding of relations between Taiwan, China and the United States for many years to come. One of the most important points of this book is the range and depth of its coverage. The essays are not simply concerned with political and economic policy issues, but also cultural and lifestyle issues on a macro and micro level as well as matters of a comparative legal and historical nature. The collective analyses of the issues raised in these essays should provide long-term guidance for an understanding of the many ramifications of the Taiwan experience and Taiwan’s relations with the world.

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