The Relation of Civil Government to the Military in Nigeria: A Theory of Institutional Cooperation

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"This book represents a theory of civil-military relations in Nigeria from 1999, when the country returned to democratic or more appropriately to civil rule, after several years of military rule which began on 15 January, 1966. ...It describes the relation between the military establishment and the political institutions, including the civil society, media, industry and other groups. ...[W]ith the return to civil rule in 1999, efforts were made to reform the armed forces...on how to conduct their affairs under positive control of the democratic authority. One of the profound virtues of Democracy is that it aspires to subordinate the military to civilian authority and vests control of the military in civilian leaders. Thus, the military is an agent of the State, to protect the nation's territorial integrity against internal and external aggression. However, in all matters involving the security of the state, civilian leaders must have the last word." -From the author's forward

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-Framing the Issues
Chapter 2-Civilian Control of the Military
Chapter 3-Legislative Control of the Military
Chapter 4-The Dynamics and Dangers of Civilian Control of the Military in Nigeria
Chapter 5-Towards a More Effective Civilian Control of the Military
Chapter 6-Conclusion

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