Product Boycotting as Political Action: Youth, Anti-Americanism, and the Politics of Consumption in The Middle East and North Africa

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This study provides evidence that political consumption is a form of political expression in less-developed transitional democracies, particularly when the target of grievances is an outside power.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Literature and Theoretical Significance
Chapter 3: Consumption in the Middle East
Chapter 4: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Expectations
Chapter 5: Methodology
Chapter 6: Measurement and Bivariate Analysis
Chapter 7: Results and Discussion
Chapter 8: Conclusions and Implications
Appendix 1: Supplementary Survey Instrument and Sampling Information
Appendix 2: Questionnaire Items, distributions, and Constructed Variables
Appendix 3: Photos
References Cited

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