Vasillopulos, Christopher

Dr. Christopher Vasillopulos is a Professor of Political Science at Eastern Connecticut State University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Sonnets in Defiance of Time (softcover)
2021 1-4955-0831-5
This a collection of Sonnets from Dr. Christopher Vasillopulos on the subject of time.

Price: $39.95

The Trump Phenomenon: Turning the World Upside Down
2024 1-4955-1252-5
"Trump allows the People to feel that they matter. He allows them to believe their concerns, how trivial they seem to Elites, define their decency and significance. Thus we come to our question: how is Trump different? He is the archetypal Outsider, who not only threatens the Establishment's monopoly of power but their monopoly of statue. He is the billionaire who exemplifies the values and the speech, of ordinary Americans. He is the Outsider, who wears a custom made suit and a baseball cap. He is the Outsider who cannot be corrupted by the lure of playing golf at Burning Tree Country Club. Above all, he is the Outsider, who just might drain the Swamp." -Christopher Vasillopulos *This is an 8 x 10 softcover book.*

Price: $29.95