Identity Politics as an Alternative to Conservatism and Social Democracy: The Emergence of Neo-Volkism in Advanced Western Societies

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This study argues that an emerging politics of identity is gradually replacing the politics of interests that has traditionally dominated the political arena in advanced industrial societies. It updates the literature on new political cleavages with a perspective that emphasizes both national patriotism and sub-cultural defense, and backs up its analysis with a large body of evidence concerning ongoing political conflicts.


“…Regardless of what views you now hold, you’ll probably find in the rich empirical work that follows much with which to agree, some points with which to disagree, and arguments that you’ll want to consider at more length before you decide…What more could you ask for in a timely book on a topic whose importance grows more obvious with each new general election?" -Professor Brian Gaines, University of Illinois

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Crises of Classic Conservatism and Social Democracy in the West
Chapter 3: The Emergence of a New Populism: The Anglo-American Cases
Chapter 4: Attitudes and Support for Neo-Populist Parties at the National Level
Chapter 5: Sub-Cultural Defense: The Politics of Identity at the Regional Level
Chapter 6: Assessing the Competing Explanations of the Rise of Populist Parties
Chapter 7: Conclusions: The Recrudescence of Neo-Volkism

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