Cole, David R.

David R. Cole received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Louisiana State University.

Political Philosophy of Eric Voegelin and His Followers: A Criticism of the Voegelinians
2009 0-7734-4881-0
This work is the first book-length criticism of the political philosophy of Eric Voegelin. This book demonstrates that despite his assertions to the contrary, Voegelin harbored long-standing partisan ideological leanings. After a thorough explication of both primary and secondary Voegelin literature, the author scrutinizes Voegelin’s claims of essential agreement between Plato and Aristotle; his attacks on Marx and Hegel; and his analysis of the character of a modern ‘gnostic.’ The concluding chapter places the ‘Voegelin phenomenon’ in the context of contemporary American political cleavages.

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