Crisis of Public Sector Reform in the Caribbean: An Analysis Through the Use of Game Theory

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Unlike the existing literature on public sector reform which utilizes the Weberian-control model, a networking system, or performance and results-oriented criteria to explain the cause and context of public reform in the Caribbean, this work applies game theory.


“This offering . . . is essentially an alternative to the existing approaches towards public sector reform in different territories. . . . Dr. Bissessar’s contribution is to illuminate the contest, battles for turf, the disappointments, the successes and failures of the New Public Management trajectories in the Caribbean.” - Professor Joyce Liddle, Nottingham Trent University

“This is a most welcome, penetrating and stimulating book, stressing the importance of new approaches, providing a valuable framework and roadmap for understanding processes of administrative and policy reform . . .” - Professor Edwin Jones, University of the West Indies

“For the first time, this book concentrates on the extent to which public sector reform is the outcome of a complex interplay between and among various interests, actions, pressure groups and lobbies.” - Professor Najmul Abedin, Austin Peay State University

Table of Contents

1. The Global Management Revolution
2. An Historical Overview of the Political Systems in the Commonwealth Caribbean
3. Politics, Economics and the Pressures of Public Sector Reform
4. The Reform Effort in Trinidad and Tobago
5. Public Service Reform in St Vincent and the Grenadines
6. Reform of the Public Service in Barbados
7. Reform of the Public Service in Jamaica
8. Reform Experiences in Guyana
9. Conclusion

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