Problems in the Implementation of Government Policies in the West Indies

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This book focuses on the field of policy implementation in various countries across the world. The book tries to capture the way various policies are implemented in countries such a Chile, Finland, Australia, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. The book features the writing of the top academicians of public policy. The book tries to unravel whether the challenges facing policy makers across the globe are similar or if there are essential differences in the policy implementation in these countries. The factors and obstacles that confront the processes of implementation in different countries are identified, analyzed, dissected, having their limitations exposed. The issues being considered are the stages involved, whether it’s a top-down or bottom-up approach, the clarity of the definition of goals, and the relationship between goals and outcomes. The book is essential reading for those who want to understand the causes of policy failure in a different context.


“… this collection also adds new understanding to those of us outside the Caribbean region. Finally, the book showcases the work of fine scholars and enriches the field of policy studies.” – Prof. Deborah Stone, Dartmouth College

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Implementation in the Map of Governing

H.K. Colebatch

Chapter 2: Managing Change Through Collaboration: Risks and Rewards

John Diamond and Linda Rush

Chapter 3: Leadership: The Lost Factor in Implementation Studies

John Gaffar La Guerre

Chapter 4: Managing the Mapuche: Security and Identity Collusions in Chile

Robyn Torok

Chapter 5: Implementing the UK Government’s Policy to Enhance Sustainable Communities: From New Labour to a Coalition Administration, Continuity or Change?

Joyce Liddle

Chapter 6: Regulation, The Regulatory State Agency and Autonomy: The Case of Anti-Money Laundering Regulation in a Small State

Ann Marie Bissessar

Chapter 7: Top-Down, Bottom-Up or a Synthesis? An Exploration of Implementation Theory and Public Sector Reform Practice: The Case of Jamaica

Eris D. Schoburgh

Chapter 8: Implementing National Policies at a Local Level: Implementation Challenges

Pekka Kettunen

Chapter 9: Public Service Reform and the Role of Human Resources Management: A Study of Organizational Conflict Transformation at the Teaching Service Commission in Trindad and Tobago

Hyacinth Guy

Chapter 10: The Implementation of Election Strategies: General Elections and the Case of the Fyzabad Constituency in Trinidad and Tobago

Ann Marie Bissessar

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