Parliamentary Career of Charles De Laet Waldo Sibthorp, 1826-1855. Ultra-Tory Opposition to Reform in Nineteenth Century Britain

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This book adds to our knowledge of British politics in the period from Catholic Emancipation (1829) to the Great Exhibition (1851). It includes a biographical introduction on Sibthorp, an analytical essay on his ultra-Tory political opinions and extracts with annotations from his very readable and lively speeches in the House of Commons on such issues as Catholic Emancipation, the Maynooth Grant, parliamentary reform, retrenchment, government secrecy, military matters, railways, agricultural protection and the Great Exhibition. This book contains five color photographs.


As has been noted, whilst Colonel Sibthorp's views were often far from fashionable, his passing was a cause of much regret both within parliament and amongst those who followed politics, especially many voters in his Lincoln constituency which he had served diligently, and with some distinction, for nearly thirty years. The current work laudably seeks to bring Colonel Sibthorp's parliamentary endeavours to a wider audience and examines him, not as a Punch caricature, but instead as an important example of an ultra-Tory, representing a legitimate political standpoint in an age of great change." - Dr Andrew Walker, University of Lincoln

"... offers an excellent analysis of a long serving and deeply conservative Lincolnshire MP. ... [The authors] have produced substantive works of interest and fascination. Quite readable and stylishly written, they are accessible to a broad audience of sympathetic readers." -- Dr. Jonathan M. Paquette

"Stephen Roberts and Mark Acton have provided an excellent introduction for those seeking to find out about Sibthrop. Brief and accessible sections on his life and his role as 'Tory diehard' are followed by selections of material from his many speeches in Parliament." -- Prof. Ian Packer, University of Lincoln

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr Andrew Walker
Part One: Introduction
Chapter 1: A Biographical Sketch of Charles de Laet Waldo Sibthorp
Chapter 2: A Tory Diehard
Part Two: Local Politics
Chapter 3: Electioneering in Lincoln
The election of 1826
The election of 1832
The election of 1835
The election of 1841
The election of 1847
The election of 1852
Part Three: Parliamentary Speeches
Chapter 4: The Defence of Protestantism
Catholic Emancipation
Maynooth 61 Papal Aggression
Chapter 5: Electoral Reform
The Reform Bill of 1832
Electoral Corruption
Chapter 6: The Repeal of the Corn Laws and the Public Finances
The Corn Laws
The Public Finances
Chapter 7: The Railways
Chapter 8: The Great Exhibition of 1851
Chapter 9: A Sibthorp Miscellany
Bibliographical Note
A: 'Subjects for Painters (after Peter Pindar)' by Charles Dickens
B: The Parliamentary Career of Gervaise Sibthorp 1855-61
C: Six Significant Ultra-Tories
D: An Ultra-Tory Periodical

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