Religion, State, and Society in Modern Britain

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Twenty essays comprising a unique work, the first survey of the state of religion in today's Britain which seeks to be fully comprehensive, focusing on Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland as well as on England. Takes into account not only the mainstream Christian traditions but also the dynamic black-led churches, the folk-religionists, the minor sects, and the controversial New Religious Movements. Also recognizes the multi-faith dimension of modern Britain and includes chapters on the Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist communities. Takes an overall perspective on issues of Church and State, the "troubles" of Northern Ireland, attitudes toward women, permissive society, and secularization.


"A collection of essays commenting on every aspect of the religious scene in Britain today. It brings together reflections on established institutional Christianity alongside essays on new religious movements, Islam, and the other major religions in Britain. There are well-researched articles. . . . British theological and religious studies libraries must certainly buy this." _ Theological Book Review

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