Protection of Freedom of Expression in Africa: Problems of Application and Interpretation of Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (Two book set)

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This groundbreaking research is concerned about the impact of African governments’ criminal penalties for defamatory statements and policies restricting the legitimate exercise of the right to freedom of expression. This book examines how the intolerant culture in African politics is used to deprive citizens and the media of these human rights.


“This is an interesting book, packed with a wealth of information… [it] addresses the key issues of potential conflict between universalistic conceptions of human rights and respect for cultural relativity in the context of the right to freedom of expression in Africa.”
-Peter Duff,
Professor of Criminal Justice
Law School, Aberdeen University

“ This book addresses the key issue of potential conflict between universalistic conceptions of human rights and cultural relativity in the context of the right to freedom of expression in Africa… he describes the sanctity of the community and the focus on the common good as communitarian ideals which sit awkwardly alongside the individualistic human rights promulgated by ‘Western’ liberal ideology.”
-Professor peter Duff,
Law School, Aberdeen University, UK

“Dr. Adjei does remarkable well by situating human rights in Africa within a broader historical context that draws on the colonial and post-colonial experiences of African countries… He engages in valuable comparative studies and draws examples from other regional human rights regimes like the European Convention of Human Rights. The critical analysis that permeates his writing marks this book as an excellent contribution to human rights law reform in Africa.
-Dr. Alex Ansong,
Faculty of Law,
Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administratio

Table of Contents

Sample from Table of Contents:
List of Abbreviations
Foreword by Peter Duff
Chapter One:

1.1 Contextual background
1.2 Rationale behind the Study
1.3 Crafting Institutional and Jurisprudential Remedies
1.4 Research purpose and Methodology
1.5 The Nature and the Scope of the Study
1.6 Outline and overview of the Chapters
1.7 Terminology
Chapter Two:
Do Human Rights have a History in Africa? Linking the Past to the Present: Law, Colonialism, Democracy, and Freedom of Expression.
Chapter Three:
The African Charter on Human Peoples’ Rights: Innovative and Flawed
Chapter Four:
Freedom of Expression in Africa: Case-Law Concerning Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights
Chapter Five:

Criteria for Assessing and Challenging the “Legality” and “Legitimacy” of the Interference with Freedom of Expression: A Measure of Legal Protection against the Acts of Arbitrary and Oppressive Governments
Chapter Six:
Do Traditional African Culture and Values Conflict with Freedom of Expression: Individual Rights versus Group Protection
Chapter Seven:
General Conclusions and Perspective
References and Select Bibliography
International Treaties and Legislation

Chapters in Books
Journal Articles
Other Documents and Reports
African Commission (ACHPR)
The Organization of African Unity/ African Union (OAU/AU)
Papers and Online Resources: International Treaties, Statements United Nations
Official and NGO Publications
Table of Cases
African Commission (ACHPR)
African Court on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR)
European Court of Human Rights (ECHT)
UN Human Rights Committee
Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR)
National Courts
A. Africa
B. Europe
C. America

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