Subject Area: Technology, Computers & Manufacturing

Arms Makers of Philadelphia
 Whisker, James B.
1991 0-88946-092-2 128 pages

Arms Makers of Virginia and West Virginia
 Whisker, James B.
1991 0-88946-690-4 250 pages
A bibliography of gunsmiths of Virginia with name, date, and location indicated.

Arms Making in Maryland
 Whisker, James B.
1991 0-7734-9786-2 183 pages
A bibliography of gunsmiths of Maryland with name, date, and location indicated.

Artificial Intelligence and Complex Objects Control
 Makarov, I. M.
2000 0-7734-3158-6 404 pages
This volume overviews a class of automatic systems - intelligent control systems. New principles are developed, and analysis and synthesis methods for intelligent controllers are suggested.

Artificial Time - Emergent Interdependence in a Distributed Computing System
 Barnett, Peter H.
2001 0-7734-7376-9 128 pages
Synchronicity characterizes many events in human life, where an outcome is predicated upon independent actions taken at the same time. People attach a special significance to the rendezvous of trapeze artists, to a spontaneous first kiss, and to uttering the same words at the same time. However, in Computer Science, especially the study of distributed systems, it is almost universally denied that there is a special class of concurrent events whereby the same result could not be obtained had the component actions occurred one after the other. Artificial Time is addressed to philosophers interested in distributed computing, and to computer scientists interested in philosophy. Illustrated with schematic diagrams of experimental designs, graphs, and annotated samples of the results, it contains an extensive bibliography of related research in distributed computing and the logic of computation.

Beginnings of Metallurgy in China
 Linduff, Katheryn M.
2000 0-7734-7853-1 440 pages
This material on the early experimentation with metals and alloys and on production of metal artifacts is essential to understanding the emergence of early Chinese civilization as well as to learning about China in relation to its neighbors. The materials presented here will alter the view that Chinese society developed in a vacuum, and that dynastic China was the exclusive making of local cultures in the Yellow River Valley. The articles have neither been brought together nor been available in English before. The maps and charts were produced from information taken from the original site reports and laboratory results not available previously.

Chinese Capitalists versus the American Flour Industry, 1890-1910. Profit and Patriotism in International Trade
 Meissner, Daniel J.
2005 0-7734-6040-3 296 pages
At the turn of the twentieth century, American and Chinese millers were locked in a fiercely contested battle for control of China’s urban flour market that both sides considered crucial to their nation’s future. For Americans, Chinese markets were vital to continued commercial expansion and ultimately, the power, prestige and security of the United States. For Chinese, defending their markets against foreign imports, influence and intervention was essential to preserving their commercial integrity and China’s national sovereignty. This study analyzes the dynamics of this commercial conflict from a perspective essential to the advancement of Chinese business studies, redirecting research in the field from the current China-centered approach to a China-global context. It contextualizes the flour trade through analysis of global factors—political as well as economic—influencing the competitive marketing of domestic and imported commodities. This broader view provides a more balanced, comprehensive examination of late Qing business history and the role played by international trade in the development of import-substitution industrialization. Countering previous failure-based studies of Chinese industrialization, this study highlights the complex relationship between Chinese capitalists and the government, which stimulated successful private industrial development in late imperial China. Analysis of China’s flour milling industry also provides insight into the contemporary capitalist-state alliance that has spurred the nation’s dynamic commercial growth since the 1980s.

Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Maryland, 1660-1900
 Whisker, James B.
1997 0-7734-8630-5 300 pages
Using mainly original sources (U.S. Census, tax lists, advertisements, family records, etc.) this volume details the clock- and watchmakers in Maryland between 1660 and 1900. This volume covers, by a large margin, more on the tradesmen than anything else yet published on the subject.

Comment Les Ordinateurs Facilitent L’apprentissage D’une Langue Seconde / How Computers Help Students Learn a Foreign Language: Recherche Experimentale Sur La Collaboration En Ligne
 Ragoonaden, Karen
2010 0-7734-3773-9 300 pages
Studies the benefits and the disadvantages of on-line collaborative learning in Distance Education courses. In order to verify how interaction and collaboration work between students in distance education courses, the author makes the distinction between collaboration and cooperation and discusses how interactions between learners occur in a virtual environment.

Computer assisted Analysis of Goethe’s Die Wahlverwandtschaften the Enigma of Elective Affinities
 Burgess, Gordon J. A.
1999 0-7734-8032-3 278 pages
This is the first full-length computer-aided examination of Goethe's novel. This study focuses on a close critical analysis of the text, underpinning its findings with often incontrovertible evidence based on the outputs of computer-generated indexes and concordances. The examination of the text itself is complemented by an overview of critical attitudes toward the novel, from Goethe's contemporaries down to the present day, and by an outline of the possibilities and limitations of a computer-based text analysis.

Consistent Incorporation of Professional Terminologies Into the World’s Languages: The Linguistic Engine of a Global Culture
 Gueldry, Michel
2010 0-7734-1313-8 432 pages
The 17 case studies presented in this volume show the increasing need for foreign language programs in a global society. The work advocates for a combination of foreign language studies with career oriented disciplinary studies.The volume explores resources, curricular models and methods, assessment and examples of successfully integrated language and content education.

Feasible Goals Method. Mathematical Foundations and Environmental Applications
 Lotov, A.V.
1999 0-7734-3202-7 412 pages
The work examines the new graphic computer-based approach to the selection of efficient preferable decisions from an infinite number of feasible decision alternatives. The approach, which is based on the mathematical theory of approximation of multi-dimensional bodies, develops the ideas of the goal method and of the multiple criteria decision making. Mathematical foundations and environmental applications of the approach are described. Integration of the approach with modern information technologies is considered. Applications via computer networks are discussed. The book can be used by graduate and postgraduate university students. Large part of the book is written in a simple form and can be assessed by any computer-literate person.

Gunsmiths of the Carolinas, 1660-1870
 Whisker, James B.
1993 0-7734-9278-X 212 pages
A fully documented listing of gunsmiths, cutlers, gunpowder makers and other arms makers of the Carolinas. Utilizes primary sources such as period newspapers, U.S. Census reports, and city directories, along with reliable secondary sources, such as Dr. Mackintosh's unpublished list and Mr. Bivins' published research. Provides a comprehensive introduction to arms making, apprenticeships, the need for arms among the militias, especially in the period before 1800, and the various secondary trades practiced by gunsmiths.

How the Internet is Changing the Practice of Politics in the Middle East: Political Protest, New Social Movements, and Electronic Samizdat
 Roberts, Joseph W.
2009 0-7734-4734-2 332 pages
This work examines the socio-economic and socio-political factors that make modern information technology a useful and viable tool for expatriate political and social movements in dealing with the rigid state control of the traditional media in the Middle East.

John Wilkinson (1728-1808), English Ironmaster and Inventor
 Soldon, Norbert C.
1998 0-7734-8268-7 432 pages
John Wilkinson is considered by many to be the world’s first great ironmaster. His career includes pioneering developments in the Staffordshire iron trade and inventions of what has been the first modern tool that bored true barrels for cannon. He constructed the first iron boat and pulpit. He played an important role in the British munitions industry and construction of the Paris waterworks. Even more fascinating was the role he played in coining his own currency, and his financial assistance to Joseph Priestley, Matthew Boulton, and James Watt. This first modern biography examines his creative, business, and private lives, using previously undiscovered papers from the Boulton and Watt Collection.

Learning Technology in Continuing Professional Development
 Jacobsen, Michele
2006 0-7734-5525-6 296 pages
This book, being a case study of the Galileo Network, a Canadian organization that exists to promote innovative teaching and learning practices among K-12 students and educators, contributes to current scholarship in such areas as continuous professional development, children’s learning with technology and educational reform. First, the study documents an innovative approach to continuous professional development that puts teachers in control of their own learning and leads to transformed practice as teachers develop innovative pedagogical approaches. Second, the study provides evidence that students in schools can participate in meaningful inquiry with the aid of technology and that teachers who are engaged in further learning themselves are better able to engage the hearts, minds and spirits of their pupils. Third, the study documents the work of the organization, which focuses on improving and increasing opportunities for children to inquire with technology by considering two problems: first, how to leverage the successful examples of children’s and teachers’ inquiry with technology throughout educational systems and communities and, second, how to build upon knowledge of the essential conditions for children’s meaningful learning with technology to guide larger and more widespread educational reform efforts, the conditions of such reform being defined and considered.

Mine Management Professions in the Twentieth-Century Scottish Coal Mining Industry
 Perchard, Andrew
2007 0-7734-5454-3 508 pages
This book seeks to redress the exclusion of colliery managers and other mining professionals from the history of British, and particularly Scottish, coal industries. This is accomplished by examining these groups within the most crucial period of their ascendancy in the Scottish coal mining industry, 1930-1966. This work seeks to place such persons within their context and to examine their roles, statuses and behaviours through their relationships with employees and the execution of their functions, also examining their terms and conditions of employment, the outlook of their professional associations, and that of their union. Through all this, Dr. Perchard illustrates how this growing consciousness amongst managerial employees in the industry was accompanied by an intense public discussion, within the mining professions, over their future shape, principles and occupational standards.

Origins and Rise of the British Distillery
 Harper, William T.
1999 0-7734-8007-2 320 pages
This highly original monograph substantiates the industry's rise and contributions in an age when distilled beverages had much good to contribute to mankind and added to the power of the West to explore, to trade, and to conquer where others sickened and failed. Contains rich anecdotal material and contemporary observations that illuminate the subject from Tudor times to the mid-18th century. With illustrations.

Relationship of Man and Nature in the Modern Age. Dominion Over the Earth
 Lehotay, Denis C.
1993 0-7734-9273-9 284 pages
The essays in this book make a unique contribution to the global concern about the effects of man and technology on the environment. They explore patterns of thinking and perception in Western society that form the basis of prevailing attitudes to self, nature, the world, and the way science and technology are used to gain control and to dominate.

Robotic Technologies in Japan: Narratives of Use of Technologies for Manpower Enhancement, Not Replacement
 Lim, Tai-Wei
0 1-4955-0301-1 136 pages
Studiesthe way in which robotics and the re-deployment of the aged labor pool in Japan could increase economic productivity in order to cope with the demographic challenges facing that country. It provides options for advocates and policy-makers to select arguments most relevant to their interests for deployment in public intellectual discourse and debate.

Rochester Institute of Technology Industrial Development and Educational Innovation in an American City
 Gordon, Dane
1982 0-88946-150-3 444 pages
The story of the Rochester Institute of Technology, whose history goes back to 1829. The study is set in the context of the development of technological education in the USA.

Role of Politics in the Development of Virtual Bitcoin Currency
 Bracey, Earnest N.
2015 1-4955-0353-4 252 pages
The first politically based work and subjective discussion of the Bitcoin currency system and how this virtual-currency impacts global financial markets, commercial banking, governmental policies from an investment and regulatory perspective, and its effect on our monetary lives in the near-future.

Sociological History of Excretory Experience. Defecatory Manners and Toiletry Technology
 Inglis, David
2001 0-7734-7539-7 328 pages
This study illustrates how it was the shifting relationships between the aristocracy, bourgeoisie and working classes over several centuries which were greatly responsible for the ways in which we defecate and view human wastes today. The focus is on the historical development of these factors in Western Europe over the last several centuries. This final aspect includes the construction of water-based sewer systems and the development of water closets in 19th and early 20th centuries.

Studies in the Economic History of Kenya: Land, Water, Railways, Education and Entrepreneurship
 Amutabi, Maurice Nyamanga
2010 0-7734-3907-2 752 pages
This book examines the economic history of Kenya from the colonial period to the present, integrating historical methodologies with those of anthropology, economics, education, geography, history, political science and sociology. the book covers topics that have been ignored by previous texts on economic history of Kenya, such as women, indigenous people (Ogiek), pastoralism, irrigation agriculture, livestock, fisheries, religion, community-based organizations (CBOs), NGOs, education and information and communication technology (ICT).

Technology Policy of the Korean State Since 1961: Successful Development of Science and Technology
 Campbell, Joel R.
2009 0-7734-4883-7 420 pages
This book examines the differences in technology development across industries in Korea, and the ruling government at the time of policy enactment.

The Quest for Gold in California’s Mojave Desert
 Ross, Delmer G.
2009 0-7734-4863-2 204 pages
This is the most comprehensive study of the Bagdad Chase Mine and its Ludlow & Southern Railway, drawing on many unpublished primary and secondary sources. This book contains twenty-six black and white photographs.