Linduff, Katheryn M.

About the editor: Katheryn M. Linduff received her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently Research Professor at the University Center for International studies, University of Pittsburgh. She is the author/editor of five earlier books and many articles.

Beginnings of Metallurgy in China
2000 0-7734-7853-1
This material on the early experimentation with metals and alloys and on production of metal artifacts is essential to understanding the emergence of early Chinese civilization as well as to learning about China in relation to its neighbors. The materials presented here will alter the view that Chinese society developed in a vacuum, and that dynastic China was the exclusive making of local cultures in the Yellow River Valley. The articles have neither been brought together nor been available in English before. The maps and charts were produced from information taken from the original site reports and laboratory results not available previously.

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Metallurgy in Ancient Eastern Eurasia From the Urals to the Yellow River
2004 0-7734-6528-6
The focus here is on the eastern region of Eurasia, the border provinces of present-day northern and western China, the Republic of the Altai, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia east of the Urals. Based on a synthesis of the current Russian and Chinese chronological and metallurgical information from the area, the working hypotheses for the authors of this volume is that the entire area, including north China, can be better understood as part of a larger metallurgical tradition where technological as well as typological differences were based on availability of ores, use of artifacts, and social complexity of the generative societies. It is hoped that this volume of essays will allow us to rethink the beginnings of metallurgy in eastern Eurasia and the Far East and join together data that has been separated by language and political barriers.

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