Metallurgy in Ancient Eastern Eurasia From the Urals to the Yellow River

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The focus here is on the eastern region of Eurasia, the border provinces of present-day northern and western China, the Republic of the Altai, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia east of the Urals. Based on a synthesis of the current Russian and Chinese chronological and metallurgical information from the area, the working hypotheses for the authors of this volume is that the entire area, including north China, can be better understood as part of a larger metallurgical tradition where technological as well as typological differences were based on availability of ores, use of artifacts, and social complexity of the generative societies. It is hoped that this volume of essays will allow us to rethink the beginnings of metallurgy in eastern Eurasia and the Far East and join together data that has been separated by language and political barriers.


“… a fabulous contribution to the scholarly literature concerning the emergence and spread of metal technology in Eurasian Steppe during the third and second millennia BCE. Besides their technological significance, resolutions to questions of when and how metal technology spread illuminate our understanding of societal developments throughout this vast region.” – Emma C. Bunker, Denver Art Museum

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
List of Figures/ Maps
Preface, Acknowledgements
1. Ancient Metallurgy of Northeast Asia: From the Urals to the Saiano-Altai (Evgenii Chernykh, Evgenii V. Luz’minykh, L.B.Orlovskaia)
2. Historical Persepctives on the Andronovo and Early Metal Use in Eastern Asia (Elena Kuz’mina)
3. The Trans-Ural Fedorovo Complexes in Relation to the Andronovo (Olga Korochkova, Vladmir Stefanov)
4. The Bronze Age Achaeological Memorials in Semirechie (Aleksandr Goriachev)
5. Karasuk Metallugy: Technological Development and Regional Influence (Sophie Legrand)
6. Preliminary Studies on the Bronzes Excavated from the Tianshanbeilu, Cemetery, Hami, Xinjiang (Han Rubin, Sun Shuyun)
7. Metallurgy in Bronze Age Xinjiang and its Cultural Context (Mei Jianjun)
8. Burial Materials Related to the History of the Bronze Age in the Territory of Mongolia (Erdenebataar Diimaajav)
9. Kargaly: The Largest and Most Ancient Metallurgical Complex on the Border of Europe and Asia (Evgenii Chernykh)
Bibliography, Index

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